Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Lord,

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness as the holiday season commences with The Big O insisting on going up into the attic to get down the lights, first, Mom! Just the lights! I promise!

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness instead of irritated when people invoke You in comments to me either here on the blog or on my Facebook page.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when I map out my week, and it calls for 24 trips to the Valley and home because of my eldest child's chosen school and decision to go out for the track team.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when I listen to the American Express Guy From India explain in his imitable accent that You are dear to the company, Miss Elizabeth, and we want to work with you during these difficult times.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when I wake in the wee hours of the morn and am filled with the unique thoughts of the Hours Before Dawn, all of which include college costs, a lifetime of caregiving, SUDEP, the 24 trips to the Valley (see above) and existential loneliness.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when people begin posting photos of their holiday trips to the Seychelle Islands, Hawaii or even just up the road at Mammoth.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when I realize that I literally have nothing to wear should I be invited to a holiday party.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness when I hear Obama called a tyrant, even as the people who call him that remain free to do so, without getting their faces shot off.

Let me remain patient and filled with lovingkindness toward every member of my family, nuclear and extended, toward myself and toward our dog, Valentine.



  1. Amen to that, sister.

  2. And when you don't have the lovingkindness, you know who will still love you.

  3. You are a better person than I. On the phone with the city for the second time today and ready to go on a holiday killing rampage.

  4. Yes, Amen to all of this. May lovingkindness come back at you tenfold. :)

  5. Loving kindness is good. Sometimes other tactics are required.

  6. Speaking of racism - my neighbour's grandkids are two amazing children adopted from Kenya five years ago. They lived here in Canada for five years and experienced no racial incidents. A month after moving to Tacoma, the young and admittedly hyperactive boy was bouncing a ball in a store. A senior woman turned to him and said, and I'm not kidding, 'you are so lucky that Obama set you free."
    I also need patience for the great pictures people put up of their great families and their great plans for Christmas. I am single, middle-aged and broke! I mean i do luckily have somewhere to go for Christmas but every year it's dicey whether I do have a place. Oh Christmas - luckily only once or so a year.
    - Karen
    p.s. - I'm not saying that Canadians aren't racist. Canadians can be extremely racist but not likely to say the quote above.

  7. We could all benefit from similar incantations, with minor individual alterations!

  8. I don't believe in decorating or Oliver would be my man for the job. I'm tempted to send him $5.00 anyway for the laughter he brought me by being Jake from State Farm for Halloween. Thank you Oliver!

    For you Amen from the choir. Yesterday: suicidal friend in the hospital, car doing weird things--not drivable, plugged up sewer drain and inconvenient bathroom opportunities, plumber when he finally came grumpy, last straw: stepping in dog poop on the lawn in bare feet and not being able to wash it off due to aforementioned water/plumbing issues. I'm over all of it! Amen! Anon Suz (and I'm over these dancing Alzheimer test letters below too btw!)

  9. I like your prayer.

    I feel so lonely at times too, even with someone beside me in bed. Is it the human condition to always be isolated from others? Or is it just me?

  10. I am a firm believer that to appreciate a loving/kindness attitude, it must be a fleeting state-of-mind. If you do not know dark you can never appreciate light. I am thankful for your presence in my life too dear friend.

  11. Yes, please! Sending a little your way right now in hopes that when I am in need of some, it will boomerang its way right back to me.


  12. Let me remain patient as the fungal infection that is ALL OVER MY BODY, subsides.

    Let me remain patient as I am forced to wear real clothes, as opposed to the sweaty work-out clothes that got me into this mess.

    Let me be patient as the eggnog latte and chocolate-dipped Joe-Joe kick in.



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