Monday, December 15, 2014

McMansions in Los Angeles: Curses and Imprecations

I woke up to the sound of crunching metal and shrieking glass, a tile roof smashed in, the house behind ours leveled to the ground by construction monsters.

Screw developers and those who would tear down perfectly sound near-100 year-old homes to build big box monstrosities. Screw the conspicuous consumers who want to buy these soul-less houses, multi-million dollar Tinkertoy constructions with indoor fountains and postage stamp pools, their second story outdoor features that peer down into their neighbors' (us) bedrooms and block the sunlight.

Screw all of them and the beasts they ride in on.


  1. My tiny, ancient rental house is currently surrounded by three new subdivisions breaking ground. My mid-life crisis consists of lobbing my dog's poop bags at their bulldozers as we pass by.

  2. I'm already pissed off. Thanks for adding fuel to my fire. I hate those fuckers building those McMansions. And they're always ugly, too.
    I am so sorry.

  3. Stupid stupid soul-less houses. Luxury has brought no one happiness. Ever.

    XX Beth

  4. similar situation here, tiny plot next door - a developer built a house 3 1/2 stories, from the top a waterview — taking out a clear view of the sky, the sunrise and sense of privacy—it's been there for 5 years, and now i hardly notice it except now and then i remember what it was like before. argh!

  5. It isn't the people buying the McMansions, it is the people building and selling them. These people tear down beautiful old houses, build McMansions on them because they can sell them for 200k more than what they bought the original old house for and what they built the McMansion for and make 100k to 200k or more when they do. And the real estate agents are in on it to. It's disgusting. And yes, who would buy such a horror. I know I would never do that. But people are doing it all the time to make money-flipping houses, and tearing down old ones and building McMansions instead and selling them for a huge profit. Gross. I really hate it to as you can tell! I esp. dislike the real estate agents and the people who buy, tear down, build crap and sell for profit.



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