Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mother Superior and Her Kids On Sunday

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

After birthing and raising three children, now in my twentieth year, I figure I get to call myself a Mother Superior. You can, too, if you want. I'm not trying to act conceited -- just Superior. This morning, I wrangled the boys into taking down the tree and then rearranging the living room to my precise specifications. Perhaps I'm not so much a Mother Superior as the mother of Superior Sons. Despite the constant bickering and escalated shouts, the cranking up of music and the competing blares from the saxophone, the room got done. These boys even vacuumed the furniture.

Oliver then got busy making tortillas with his tortilla press. We squeezed lime juice on those little circles of corn and sprinkled salt on them, ate them hot as fast as he could make them.

And Sophie? Sophie was really happy today, less agitated, with no seizures to speak of. Knock on wood. Three times. I got a kick out of playing with her -- she loves these crazy felt mums on my slippers -- Mother Superior definitely getting some interest from one of the cloistered sisters.

Sisters and Brothers, how was your Sunday? Tell Mother Superior.


  1. Not bad, love. Not bad at all. I love your children. Your house is beautiful.
    May all be well.

  2. My lover left my home, alone, for the last time today. Next time, I am leaving with him.

  3. Not enough can be made of this sentence:

    "Oliver then got busy making tortillas with his tortilla press."

    Love that kid. Love your clean room. And why have I not known about the large white dog?

  4. Tortillas sound amazing. Haven't cleaned, managed one blog post, but a lovely day at LACMA taking in the art. Always a good day with that.

  5. My Protestant calendar tells me that Jan. 4 is Elizabeth's day (I thought Nov. 5?) - make of that what you will :-)

  6. I love a clean, tidy house too. Your home looks beautiful and Sophie, Sophie looks alert and interested in the world around her. It's a beautiful photo of her.

  7. A superior day, to be sure! I want one of those tortillas. :)

  8. Great day. Bracing for our first winter storm this coming week. Cake baking, book collecting, checking on the Mom, med supply sufficient and done. The light coming through your windows makes me long for summer.The light in Sophie's eyes makes me smile.

  9. You are super duper Mother Superior and then some.
    I love the photos of Chef Big O and beautiful Sophie and would love a warm tortilla too!

  10. I love everything about this. The rearranged room, the fact that the boys did it, Sophie's happy day, and homemade tortillas! My Sunday was spent cleaning up after an epic (yes, I can use that superlative, given that there were upwards of 75 people in my house eating two giant beef briskets and two pork shoulders) New Year's Party the day before. I was lucky enough to avoid a hangover and have a pleasant teen who was willing to help.

  11. Man those boys! And Sophie and flowers. I love it all, Mother Superior.


    What do you think of this idea?
    Would you and Sophie march in this parade?
    I'm putting it on my calendar!


  13. Several thoughts, first your house is lovely and looks like you don't need that book, but I do. Second, and now I need a tortilla press. I made them for the first time last night, out of desperation and not wanting to drive to the store in -25 wind chills and blowing snow. Delicious, but I couldn't roll a circle to save my life. Hexagons worked fine :) Third, Sophie's smile, lovely. Knocking on wood with you/for you all too.

  14. Wow, are they for hire? I'm green with envy over this post!! :)

  15. I thought that writer was bonkers and then I thought she was an inspired genius and now I think that she was writing about how living among things that do not give us joy sap us of any energy. I like your room and your tortilla press and your family and your dog.



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