Saturday, February 6, 2016

Notes, Words, Lines (Saturday)

Note: The sunlight is water on the kitchen cupboards.

Note: Sophie is a delicate thing, a bird in a nest made of lavender and vibration.

Note: I registered to attend the Abilities Expo downtown this weekend, but I don't feel like it.

I'm reading Anne Boyer's Garments Against Women. Who told me about this writer? She makes me shiver.

Here's a bit:

Some people believe to know the fin is to know a shark, but this is an incorrect belief. The fin is not a fin of a shark at all though it is a reproduction shark fin strapped on a boy's back, and the boy with the reproduction fin does very much want to be a shark, wishes it a great deal, dreams some nights of being a shark in a great fleet of sharks in some unexplored sea where sharks are in fleets and somewhat even more powerful that the sharks of the daytime world have shark banks full of money and minnows. One could be, also, a person with a fabulous malformation of a shark fin on her back, who says often "please excuse the fin" but others look at the fin and say, "look at that grand shark with that awesome fin" when she is, underneath the fin, a person who is fond of peeling carrots for soup and a person who could otherwise just not help the fin that fortune dealt her. Some could be real sharks, the fin an adequate representation of sharkly reality: that's just the deal.

Last night, Henry and I went to see the movie Hail, Caesar. Remember my Saturday Morning Three Line Movie Reviews? Three words would suffice:

  1. Entertaining
  2. Unfinished
  3. Lazy


  1. Your photograph is dreamy. I keep looking at the lines, the light, the quiet, the books. I would sit in that chair with eyes closed and let the sun move across my face and try to think of just the sun for a minute. I'd rather do that than go to an Expo.

    The book passage you posted was transporting. Thank you.

    I love your 3 word movie reviews. I'll skip this movie. I just watched Far from the Madding Crowd and my 3 word review is I loved it. :)

  2. Wow. That book excerpt. Whew!

    I love the photo. It is tranquil and gorgeous. May your Saturday be the same.


  3. I just went to see the filmed version of the stage production of Turandot (the Metropolitan Opera production), a new experience for me and can describe it as -
    exhilarating, revelatory, and curiously drab - colors meant to convey a solemnity - but distracting. Way more than three. But I love the precision of your three.

    In my humble opinion, the arrangement of your room reveals a person of well earned aestheticism. I love decorating, whether studied or accidental.
    Didn't mean that to sound pompous, but, oh well.

  4. beautiful light and shadow in that photo, and you note on Sophie: WOW.

  5. Interesting writer! I've never heard of her but I love that passage. Love your photo, too. Think I'll skip hailing Caesar.



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