Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Evening Three-Line Movie Review

As I sat and watched the documentary RBJ about the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I couldn't help but think about the dead journalists, the babies in cages, the piles of black bodies dead or in prison, the tainted water of Flint, Michigan, the taxes in the form of tariffs, and, of course, the reproductive rights of women, particularly those who are poor or minorities. The movie demonstrates with startling clarity how far "we've" come, because of this woman and her fight for equality, and it also underscores how much is at stake and how far backward we're moving with the despot on the throne and the same old white men calling the shots. The movie is worth going to, though, if you're in need of some galvanizing, if you want to see a fierce woman fight for everything that is good, partnered with a man who supported her every step of the way, and you wonder how the hell we're going to carry on her legacy with so much against us, because WE ARE, we have done it before and we will do so again, and we owe it to her for helping us.

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  1. Ruth certainly shattered a glass ceiling in the Good Ole Boy Network!

  2. Did you see this?
    Did it remind you of Cider House Rules?
    I'm freaking out. I'm hoping we do not come to this but if we do, we do.

  3. I didn't know anything about this woman so I had to look her up. What an amazing woman and an amazing life. I am always so inspired by the women who went ahead of me to become professionals, to break down gender stereotypes. In the 90's I had a patient who had been head of anesthesiology at UAH during WW2. When the men came back from the war she was punted and her husband told her that if she wanted children she would have to quit working. She did but went back to work as an anesthesiologist afterwards. I am in awe of these women and their strength.

  4. This is fucking brilliant. It says everything. Thank you!

  5. Keep Planking, RUTH! Who will wear the decent collars nest? I am reading about the tRUMP/Bannon/ Miller/Putin agenda- new world order, methodical and so quick, we can not catch our collective breath- everything happening at once.



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