Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carol of the Day (for my dad, of course)

I'm posting it again and saying it again: Mario Lanza makes me glad to be Italian.

(It might tell you to go to YouTube to listen -- click on it anyway and listen!)


  1. Oh how magnificent. Thanks for posting!

    Beth (Westmark)

  2. Wonderful!
    And I didn't know you were Italian! We have that in common. Buon Natale!

  3. You Italians really know how to design humans. Some of the most beautiful-looking people in the world are Italian, and have tons of talent, on top of that. You have every right to be proud of your heritage!

  4. My Mom always talked about how much she loved Mario Lanza.

    Methinks a trip to iTunes is called for, as my Christmas playlist needs this song.

  5. sigh.

    I wish I could write something in Italian to impress you , you can only imagine the hours I have spent listening listening , of course mostly to dialect, but still.

    One of the first and most important words I learned was 'basta' which is a form of abbastanza I guess. You can imagine the food I've turned down over the years. Especially being mostly vegetarian and more and more gluten intolerant. :).

    I imagine birthing all these tall healthy babies is testament to some miracle or another because they certainly don't get it :)



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