Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've been honored

over at my friend Gretchen's blog Second Blooming. I'm a tad embarrassed, but not enough to not direct you over to Gretchen, because she's a terrific blogger and writer -- warm and funny and full of southern charm and awesome family stories. There are not too many people who will praise me and then call me to task on my more -- ahem -- colorful characteristics, but Gretchen has done it very well.

Now I'm off to sharpen my tongue.


  1. Noooo, I was not calling you to task on your more colorful characteristics, I was REVELING in them!

  2. What a beautiful tribute, Elizabeth. When my best friend died 7 years ago, I gave the eulogy, and when I listened to other people talk about her, I thought how nice it would be if we could eulogize the living. Mona would have loved her standing-room-only memorial service and would have reveled in the attention and laughed when we described her as kick-ass. Her theme song was "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. You'd have liked each other.

  3. What a lovely way to do a "Secret Santa" exchange. She has captured in words so many of your wonderful qualities, Elizabeth. (If you were a saint, we could not be friends.)

  4. Sharpen away! It's what keeps us coming back, and reading, and thinking!

  5. I thought I knew you well and now I'm sure of it. Yes, sharpen your tongue. Election year coming up.

    Wishing you and the family all the best at Christmas and for the new year.


  6. What an absolutely wonderful tribute from a friend. I am so glad that you shared it with us. It would be great if we all had such insightful, loyal people on this journey...the best of gifts.

  7. I think she captured your spirit so well. (Though, of course, I only know you from your blog, but I FEEL like I know you).

    And if you didn't have the ability to wield a sharp tongue, you probably would not have the ability to write with such clarity and discernment either. The difference between a virtue or a vice is so often but a matter of degree, don't you think?

  8. I tried to comment on Gretchen's site but it would not let me. Here is what I tried to say...

    "I have read her blog. This post does her justice as she really is a remarkable woman. I am constantly in awe of her and wonder where her strength comes from.
    I am glad you wrote this post. We all need to hear that we are magnificent sometimes, Elizabeth most of all."

    I did not know that Sophie has never spoken a word and that she is not able to walk unassisted. I am glad that Gretchen wrote such a great post because I learned something new about you and your family.

  9. You are so loved my friend. And respected. And have the most amazing people that surround you. Here in the blogging community and the real world.

    Lucky to have you in the flesh in my little corner of the world. I really and truly am.

    The post she picked, was one of my favorites as well. Still would love to be your doubles partner on any given day.

  10. That was a great tribute! And hey, a little well-placed cynicism is never a bad thing. I'm guilty of that myself!

  11. I loved it. Left a comment over there, as well...



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