Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carol of the Day

This so reminds me of my childhood -- my mom and dad -- the piles of Christmas presents under our tree, my Christmas long dress, the parties my parents had, taking the guests' coats and bringing them to my parents' room, jumping on the piles of furs with my sister. My father worked through much of Christmas -- he was a retailer for a very high-end department store -- but he was always home on Christmas day, and he'd play Perry Como and Andy Williams, all the songs that now pipe out of elevators and into malls over and over but they weren't cheap then. I'm so grateful for these memories --


  1. Ah, if we could only relive some of those olden days...our minds are oft filled with comfort and peace when we go there...

  2. A perfect song. Perfect memories. A little sad that kids today don't know the bliss of jumping into a bed of fur coats.



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