Sunday, December 4, 2011

What I've Been Working On -- Please Spread Around and Attend

I work part time for Project Access with my friend and colleague Jennifer Bertram. We've been busy organizing and working on the following webinar. I would really appreciate you spreading the word to all those you know who have children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. And if you don't, but just want to hear how goofy I sound, register (it's FREE!) and listen!

December 13, 2011 1:30PM - 3:00PM pm EST

Strategies for Success:
Communicating with Your Developmentally Disabled Child
During Adolescence and Puberty

Parents of children with severe epilepsies not only deal with the issues associated with epilepsy as a condition, but they may also face challenges with their child being unable to communicate verbally or having cognitive and developmental issues. Despite having a severe form of epilepsy, children continue to grow and will enter puberty and adolescence as any child would. Parents may be unsure how they are going to handle this stage of their children’s lives. Two parents, Elizabeth and Jennifer, will share their stories and our certified expert, Courtney, will provide helpful information for parents and youth on ways to communicate effectively during the pubescent stages and adolescent years. Also, the latest addition is Dr. Janelle Wagner, a psychologist who will provide information and data on the effects of epilepsy and relative conditions in adolescents and young adults.

Moderator: Elizabeth Aquino, Parent
Presenter: Jennifer Bertram, Parent
Featured Speaker: Courtney Kowalczyk, M.Ed.
Scientific Expert Dr. Janelle Wagner, PhD (Just Added)

Some topics that will be addressed: 
Communicating with your child about his/her body changes
Social appropriateness and private behaviors
 Assisting your pre-teen/teen with proper hygiene and care
If you are a parent who has questions or concerns about your child, please join us for this very informative webinar.

At the end of the webinar there will be an extended live Q & A session on the Epilepsy Founda-tion's eCommunities website.
Have questions? Submit your questions to the Forum before the webinar. Selected questions will be answered during the live event.

The information presented during this webinar is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician about all clinical care and treatment decisions.

Hosted by the National Center for Project Access of the Epilepsy Foundation. This event is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau under grant # U23MC08582.


  1. God. I am SO proud of you, Elizabeth. You have no idea.

  2. That would have been so helpful eight years ago when Katie hit puberty, it turned her world and mine upside down.

  3. Okay, a webinar means it runs real time and that is the only chance to view? You know I don't understand these computery things!! Or calculating time differences...

    Will be passing this on:)



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