Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carol of the Day

I know I'm stretching the word "carol" here -- and have done so a few other times, but this song is one of my favorite Christmas tunes. It makes me think of my other life -- the one where I lived in Tennessee in an old church with a boy who wrote novels in a room with carpeted walls, smelled Laotian food through cinder block walls, got up in the morning, wore hose and pumps to work and then came home and watched Star Trek reruns and ate spinach out of a can with a bit of melted cheese. Sounds like a stretch -- but it was good times. Wait awhile, eternity, old mother nature's got nothin' on me, come to me, come to me now, we're rolling, my sweetheart, we're flowing, by god!


  1. Good is good...no matter when or what you call it!

  2. Ummm, I thought you were making it up about the writer boy and the carpet-walled room, but you mean it, right? I crack people up when I tell them I was once a suburban housewife. I like your story better. I feel very happy that you are in this world and sharing your life and your thoughts with us.

  3. Oh honey, this just took me some place too - an old boyfriend in Austin who was a Prine fanatic. He had crazy blonde hair like Peter Frampton, and never went anywhere without his dog, Belle. We drove around in my old pickup truck with that dog, drinking beer and listening to John Prine. Good times.



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