Monday, September 3, 2012

3.3 at 3:26

I woke up with a literal jolt this morning and realized immediately that the earth was shaking. Valentine the dog stood up, too, and yelped and I said, it's ok in a louder than 3:30 in the morning voice. Despite having lived here for more than 14 years, I've never felt that surge of the natives, nor do I roll my eyes and roll back into sleep. I sit upright, for hours, with the lights on, waiting for the slightest tremble with my stomach queasy and my heart beating. The Husband, who was sleeping with Sophie, didn't stir, not even when I flipped the hallway light on. The boys slept on.

Well, it's morning and the sky is blue and no new cracks have appeared in the plaster walls. The earthquake, a 3.3 whose epicenter was in Beverly Hills, just down the road from where we live, is now just another one that I've experienced and certainly not The Big One.

I woke up this morning to see that the wonderful Design Mom has posted about our video -- another earthquake, I'd say, and the kind that does make me feel a surge of excitement. Go check it out!


  1. I do not miss that one single bit. I still live in earthquake country - but they are much more rare - thank goodness

  2. I spent our years in La Jolla waiting for the "big one". We moved to west Texas. Safe? No! Tornado alley! Next move to Charleston, S.C.. Safe? No! Hurricanes AND earthquakes. Next move to the midwest. Safe? No! Tornados. I want to go back to the relative calm of the Shenandoah Valley of my youth!!

    Keep safe.


  3. found you from design mom. viewed your beautifyl video and now am a follower. i have 3 children (none of whom are sn). woman and mothers shall all have a sisterhood and empathy for one another in a perfect world. the title of your blog and you do have a beautiful mermaid.

  4. I felt a small earthquake once in Palm Desert. I too sat awake for hours, imagining the ground splitting open beneath me and fiery lava gushing out. The Californians all slept through.

  5. Hi Elizabeth!

    I saw your video from Design Mom and thought I'd hop on over. What a great video and I'm glad Design Mom posted it and helped you get some exposure.

    I also thought I'd let you know about my blog and see if you and other special needs parents who read your blog might be interested in participating. Every Friday on my blog I have a Special Needs Spotlight where I spotlight a different family and their special needs child. It's been a great experience for me and for the families who've participated. I'd love to spotlight you, and anyone else who read your blog that might be interested. Please pop over to my blog and check it out if you're interested! I have a link to my spotlights at the top!

    Thanks and keep on spreading the love!

  6. Wow, I can only imagine what an earthquake must feel like - I've always been fascinated by them. I guess I should think myself lucky that I've never experienced anything of such magnitude.

    Congratulations again on the great reception you are getting on the video! Well deserved :)

  7. I live near the Marina and I too woke with that jolt in the middle of the night and felt a little fearful that it was a precursor to that big one. I've lived here all my life and though I'm getting better, earthquakes still scare me. This is the second very local one we've had in the past couple of months. This weather makes me think of earthquakes. I hope we have no more. S. Jo

  8. I thought of you when I heard about that quake. Glad you had no damage!

  9. And where are the photos of these "bikinied damsels frolicking" you speak so eloquently of?

  10. I don't think I would ever get used to the earth shaking beneath me. I lived through a biggish one in San Francisco, and "the big one" here, and I didn't like either one. No sirree.
    Off to check out design Mom's posting - that's good news!



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