Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drug Mule, Part 3: Mission Diverted

Sophie's medication will be leaving lovely Vancouver and arriving in Los Angeles sometime next week. We're good to go for three months, during which I'll be exploring ways to get the medication at a reasonable cost here in the good, old U S of A. I appreciate all your suggestions and offers to help. It's not out of the question that I'll be traveling to Vancouver one of these days, so I'll take a rain check on visiting those of you who live up or near that way! Now I'm going to mainline some heroin and relax.


  1. Glad to hear you got a reprieve.

  2. I have been using my current pharmacy for over 20 years and they know be by name so the next time I am there I am going to ask them if they know what can be done. If I have copy of the Rx I want to know if I can buy it and ship it to you. For some reason that sounds way too easy but it doesn't hurt to ask. ;-)

  3. Catching up on your "drug" trip. Re yesterday: What a wonderful response you received. If only some of those people were in charge of such situations to begin with!! Re today: Perhaps your drug induced dreams will provide the seed of an inspiration that will work. We're backing you up sister!


  4. Haha! I'm reading a book where people smoke opium and now that's sort of on my bucket list.
    Who knows?
    (I don't really have a bucket list.)

  5. I'm sure the heroin is much cheaper than Sophie's medication, sadly.

  6. oy. i'm glad you've found a temporary solution. (love steve's comment)

  7. so glad you were able to get some before the cutoff date. xoxoxoxo

  8. well, im glad you have at least the first three months taken care of. and LOL at Steve Reed's comment! sad but probably true.

  9. 3 months, breathing room.
    To respites & temporary peace.



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