Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Prepare for Two IEPs in One Week

First, stop at a really bad fast food outlet and have enough restraint to only order a vanilla ice-cream cone and a small Diet Coke.

Oliver's IEP went very well -- he has moderate visual and auditory learning disabilities, and his school is extraordinary. I really didn't even need the ice-cream cone.

Sophie's IEP is next week, and I'll need to armor myself. This is how I'll feel, probably, when it begins:

photo via Matador Abroad

Or maybe like this:

Of course, if I have the right attitude, I should look like this:

photo by Alain Delorme

Stay tuned.


  1. There really has to be a better way to prepare ...

  2. I didn't know you have two. You really do get a double-double when it's all done.

  3. Maybe you didn't "need" the ice cream, but splurging on a small diet coke is just sad.

  4. I love these visuals - thank you for the smiles!
    P.S.: my word verification is "Assout." Seriously! Not "Peace Out," but "Assout." ;)

  5. I don't get that flower photo. How is that even possible, with that kind of weight distribution? Hmmm...

    The bricks are pretty great, though. That just shows real ability to work with what you have, doesn't it?

    I hope Sophie's IEP goes well!

  6. Wonderful to hear about Oliver's IEP and I hope we'll see you cruising on a bike with flowers after Sophie's!

  7. Let the games begin! Personally, I always feel like the guy with the bricks. This is hilarious.

  8. IEPs make my head hurt - as a parent and as a teacher. Last night I sat down with a glass of wine and watched the movie "Monsieur Lazhar" - such a beautiful, evocative film of life in the classroom.

    I'm just throwing that out as a suggestion, in case the diet coke, ice cream thing loses its allure.

  9. Sending light and love. And more ice cream.



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