Sunday, September 2, 2012

Expressing Motherhood

I think I've told ya'll about this show that I'm going to be appearing in late September and early October. It's called Expressing Motherhood and is made up of writers and performers, expressing-- you guessed it --  their motherhood. I participated once before, years ago, and am really excited to be doing so again. If you click on the Expressing Motherhood button on my sidebar, you can purchase tickets and experience the rollicking fun it's bound to be!

I was featured today on the Expressing Motherhood blog, so hop on over there, if you're so inclined. They've been interviewing the participants and posting interesting tidbits about the scene around the theater where we will be performing, so I hope you'll browse through, particularly if you're from southern California. If you're far, far away, know that Expressing Motherhood performs in other cities, too -- Boston, New York, etc. I encourage you to submit your own pieces and be a part of it!

Finally, thank you so much for sharing the Extreme Parenting Video Project on your blogs, your Facebook pages and with all your contacts. So far, it's received over 2500 hits on YouTube! I'm hoping that all families of children and young adults with special needs will feel the support and hope that each of you conveyed.

1 comment:

  1. I tried to leave a comment over there and dammit, due to my strange and odd and (to me but obviously never to them) dead relationship with wordpress, I cannot.
    I couldn't even copy what I'd written.
    What I wanted to say though, was that you are an inspiration in my life whether we are talking about motherhood or writing or coping or retaining a sense of humor no matter what life throws at me.
    That you remind me daily that there is grace in each and every small act and vast worth in us all. I wish you great success in this venture. No one could have been a better choice.



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