Saturday, September 15, 2012

Afternoon After-Bloom and Irving

Muriel was good-looking -- a slender brunette, with an opera singer's noteworthy bosom and booming voice -- but she had an absolutely vacuous mind. Like my grandmother, Aunt Muriel managed to be both arrogant and judgmental without saying anything that was either verifiable or interesting; in this respect, both my grandmother and my aunt struck me as superior-sounding bores.

from John Irving's In One Person 


  1. That made me howl with laughter after my family-insanity week! Thank you.

    I love the beauty of slowly decaying and that apple with a heart nibbled in it by a squirrel (?)

    And the picture of you - that is the most beautiful thing I've seen all week. How do you do that after what you've been through these past few days??

    1. Oh good -- I'm glad that you laughed because that's what I did and just loved how he constructed that put-down. Hilarious! As for me, let's just say I'm feeling "after-bloomish."

  2. You don't look in the least bit after-bloomish in that photo though. You look in full bloom, gorgeous and mysterious.

  3. Full blown, honey. Not after-bloomed. There is a huge difference.

  4. Beautiful beautiful and beautiful. Thank you!

  5. Full bloom were my thoughts exactly. And your writing blooms more fully all the time.



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