Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Saturday Morning List

  1. The ladder outside my bedroom window and the boot right there at the top, where A Man is busy trimming the hedge between my house and The Neighbor's, prompted me to wish that it were Daniel Day Lewis' boot, the Daniel Day Lewis who played the main character in the movie version of Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I believe his name was Tomas pronounced Tomash and he was washing a window on an apartment building, and he caught sight of the woman inside, and before you knew it he had climbed inside and then he had seduced the woman.
  2. Anyhoo.
  3. On the advice of a friend (one of my many drug mules who help me to ferry Sophie's meds from Canada), I have finally bought a copy of War and Peace and have decided to complete it by my fiftieth birthday in late August. So far, so good. I'm on page 14. 1021 pages to go. This is in lieu of losing fifty pounds by my fiftieth.
  4. Anyhoo.
  5. The Husband has a miraculous Saturday off, so we've already divvied up the baseball game duties. I'm signed up for the noon game with Oliver.
  6. Sophie is on her third or fourth day of a liquid strike. We don't know what's wrong with her, and it's difficult to shake water and juice into her resisting mouth. We took her to the doctor and nothing, apparently, is wrong. She has no infection in her ears, throat or mouth, that the doctor could see. She has no fever. She has, evidently, a $220 virus. I've gone through the stifled panic that I usually go through when Sophie isn't feeling well or acting "normal," where I imagine that it's the beginning of the end for her. I woke up this morning, though, feeling not so great myself, so I'm excited that perhaps it is indeed a virus and not that some new neurological complication has begun and the next thing you know we'll be having to have a permanent IV line or feeding tube and the seizures won't stop, etc. And you thought I was so calm, so amazing, right?
  7. Anywho.
  8. I spent four out of five weekdays off-kilter due to potentially stressful activities -- the removal of my stitches, the SSI meeting, a job interview and the conservatorship meeting -- and each one went as well as it could go. I believe that calls for an open thanks to the universe and all those who made it happen. I am grateful.
  9. Now, if only Daniel Day Lewis would climb through my window, everything would be perfect.


  1. I am not at all fooled by your jaunty tone but I admire it something fierce. I hope you and Sophie feel better soon. And I am glad the rest of it went well this week.

  2. I hope this is nothing serious and will pass quickly for both of you. Glad your week went as well as it could have...Hugs!

  3. Feed that girl some watermelon. It's mostly liquid anyway.
    War and Peace? I believe I'd rather lose fifty pounds the hard way. I read in in high school. Believe it or not. I remember nothing about it. Nothing.
    I can't do a thing about Daniel Day Lewis. Anyhoo, I do adore you.

  4. I was also going to suggest fruit for Sophie. Maybe she does have a virus and the liquids make her feel nauseated?
    I think you will like War and Peace. I read it about two years ago and once I got into it, I really did enjoy it. I really liked The Unbearable Lightness of Being (both book, and, unusually, the film also). I wouldn't mind that man climbing into my window either! :)

  5. Did I miss a post? Stitches? For what? Where? The liquid strike does sound worrisome. But if your worried thoughts take you down the feeding tube path just envision my daughter standing there looking radiant and peaceful with g-tube in place. Seriously, she may be non-compliant about many medical treatments but she loves that g-tube.

  6. Can I actually do anything for you? I'm not all that far away. Call me. Email me.

  7. Thanks for the laugh. Sorry to get such a kick out of your angst. : )

  8. I know that off-kilter feeling ... not so sure I would like to see a ladder and a boot outside my bedroom window though - no matter who was attached to it :)

  9. Let me just say, I think a good seduction and some hot, hot sex is underrated as a form of therapy. I'm finding this to be more and more interesting to me as I get older. Once you're finished with Daniel Day Lewis, send him my way.

  10. I still struggle with more than one day in a row of off-kilter. Intellectually, (of course when I'm fully on-kilter) I wonder if I ought to approach it with the knowledge that it is not off-anything, but simply a different state of being and way of looking at the world. An opportunity, if you will. And then when I have a few days of out-of-sorts, I throw those musings away like so much BS.

    I hope you enjoy your ONE baseball game and you both feel better soon.

  11. perfect. except for the fact that daniel day lewis never breaks character. that, in and of itself, is stress inducing.




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