Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Perfect Morning

Blue sky and trees, La Brea Blvd.

Just last night I joked with a friend that if it weren't for the perfect weather, I'm not sure what I'd do with -- well -- my life, to tell you the truth. Hyperbole aside (and that wouldn't include the weather), here's a perfect poem that appeared in the Borzoi Reader this perfect morning.

Sonnet for Minimalists

From a new peony,
my last anthem,
a squirrel in glee
broke the budded stem.
I thought, Where is joy
without fresh bloom,
that old hearts' ploy
to mask the tomb?

Then a volunteer
stalk sprung from sour
bird-drop this year
burst in frantic flower.

The world's perverse,
but it could be worse.

Mona Van Duyn


  1. those volunteer flowers always amaze me - and your southern california sky would definitely help me too :)

  2. Great poem. I love it. Right now I have volunteer tomatoes and a squash that I couldn't have grown if I tried.
    Sometimes good weather is all we've got.

  3. That sky is minimalist, gorgeous with nothing in it but itself.



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