Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blue is the color of the sky

and my hallway. And in case you thought I was just an incredible Do-it-Yourselfer, well think again. A friend of a friend is painting for me.

I don't do paint.

This might be the lamest blog post I ever wrote and is perhaps a scary harbinger for when my boys leave home and I walk the hallways, blue, and a moon, worn as if it had been a shell becomes a design blog and Sophie just hums from her room that I keep painting over and over, or have painted over and over and I sip wine and wheat beer and nibble on chocolate covered pretzels and jellybeans of old.


  1. I don't do paint either.
    I do not wish to discuss jellybeans.

  2. I loved this, and the one before.

  3. It is not a lame post but it is funny.

    I don't do paint either because I have a severe latex allergy. Even if I didn't have the allergy I would still not paint because I hate it.

    The blue is very nice. What is the name of this particular blue?

  4. My hands and neck are sore from painting, getting our house ready to sell. I'm never painting again. I'm calling your friends.

  5. I can do the main part of the wall, but never the edges. No patience, no skill, no good.

  6. I do not paint, either. I tried. Never again. It was regrettable all around. I love the blue!

  7. Sipping wine and nibbling chocolate covered pretzels doesn't sound THAT bad.

  8. I still haven't found a way to tell someone their post made me laugh without sounding lame. This made me laugh.

    A design blog, can you imagine? Something for me to splash all over Pinterest at two a.m. as I also sip Malbec and sing in drunken French. Not that I ever do that.

    I do love that shade of blue.

  9. I love to paint. I just hate the prep and the cleanup. If someone could just come mask everything, place drop cloths and then come back and clean out my brushes and whisk the mess away, I'd paint walls every damn day of my life.

    That shade is lovely and I sincerely doubt that this is the beginning of your blogging downfall. Something tells me you'll read the paper or the New Yorker or listen to something on the radio today that will kindle your inner fire again and you'll post it all in your typical brilliant way.

  10. Design blog? You? Never! I do love the blue though. What is it called?

  11. Silver City Brewery's Fat Scotch Ale and chocolate-covered raisins, here.



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