Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Pictures and Two Poems

To converse with the greats

To converse with the greats
by trying their blindfolds on;
to correspond with great books
by rewriting them;
to edit holy edicts,
and at the midnight hour
to talk with the clock by tapping on a wall
is the solitary confinement of the universe.

Vera Pavlova


Big Boy came
Carrying a mermaid
On his shoulders
And the mermaid
Had her tail
Beneath his arm.

Being a fisher boy,
He'd found a fish
To carry --
Half fish,
Half girl
To marry

Langston Hughes


  1. Is that you in the first photo? So adorable. I am in love with the Langston Hughes poem, as well (so perfect for your mermaid-girl.)

  2. The photos and the Langston Hughes poem have been haunting me all day now.

  3. Would you believe I had a pair of culottes just like yours? You have the same face, the same dancing eyes.

  4. I love both poems... and the swingset brings back memories, as does the mod, floral print.

  5. I love that groovy outfit in the first photo. :)



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