Monday, April 29, 2013

Out there in "qarrtsiluni"

I was inspired by this photo:

photo credit: Andy Duncan/CU Independent/Associated Press

to write a short prose poem, and it was accepted at the online literary journal qarrtsiluni. Today, it's posted there along with an mp3** of yours truly reading it. Here's the link:

When Bears Fall From Trees

**Thank you, Mike, for recording it for me. And I'm still going to garden naked one of these days and scare away any would-be buyers of your home.


  1. Here is the comment I may or may not have been able to leave at qarrtsiluni:

    Elizabeth's writing is like sea urchins wrapped in velvet. She not only has a gift. She IS a gift.

    And I love your voice.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! And I do love that photo poor bear though I thought he might be jumping on a trampoline. Well done well done.

  3. It was great to hear your voice! I love that poem. So many strands of activity, the normal contrasted with the surprising, the fortunes-that-weren't. Glad it was published. Congrats. :)

  4. Awesome, and you do have a lovely voice!

  5. I remember loving that poem on your blog, but I love it even more when I can listen to your voice. Congratulations.

  6. How wonderful to hear your voice read your words. I love this piece. You really are an extraordinary writer!



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