Friday, April 19, 2013

On Elvis Impersonators Who Mail Poison to the POTUS

If you can stand to read a million f-bombs in a hilarious and sobering blog post, check out Jezebel. If you can't, just leave a comment about my blown-out hair or those lines on my neck or that Buddha necklace I'm wearing or the snarky reply I gave my latest anonymous commenter.

Happy Friday!


  1. And this is why I dream of you frequently.

  2. What a messed up world
    That poor little girl in India - that is truly something to mourn

    I just noticed your green light in your masthead. You go.

  3. the blog post was fantastic: fuck the fucking fuckers I always say.

  4. Seriously, this has been an unforgettable, inexcusable week.

    Love the snarky response to your commenter, though. :)

  5. loved that jezebel rant. thanks, i needed that. xo

  6. Thank you for sharing Jezebel's rant with us. FYI, fuck is my favorite word.

    Check out this video.

  7. didnt check out jezebel yet, but i did notice the blown out hair and that snarky comment? hot genius.

  8. I try so hard not to say fuck but it rolls off my tongue. It is a great word.

    There is a line on my neck as well. How or when it appeared, I do not know. I fucking hate it.

  9. I thought I said fucking brilliant earlier, but I must have pushed the wrong button.



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