Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moon Face

The Brothers are playing a game called "Plaguing" on their devices where their objective is to keep a disease from taking over the planet. I guess I should confiscate their devices and make them read or play Parcheesi, but I'm feeling grateful that there aren't any sounds of violence coming from their room or bickering. If they can be united in their virtual quest to eradicate the plague from the world on a tiny screen, AMEN.

Sophie drank a bit yesterday, under the patient coaxing of Saint Mirtha, so I'm not going to worry about that today. Last night, I lay on her bed and read through page 75 of War and Peace. Sophie was so bored that she fell asleep.

I took the picture at the top of this post last night, as I lay on my bed with Oliver. He tends toward the existential hysteria right before bed, and while there are times when I'm able to talk it out of him, there are other times where I'm hard put to be patient and basically tell him, emphatically, to Be Quiet and Call it a Day! Last night, just after I told him that, he started to laugh and we took the photo and decided that I have a moon face. AMEN.

Henry just showed me that he had eradicated the earth's population and had thus achieved victory on his device. I evidently misunderstood the objective of the game. Clearly, I need to confiscate the devices and force my sons to read or play Parcheesi. AMEN.


  1. I love, love, love your moon face. It is beautiful and wise and filled with humor and goodness.
    And maybe when you confiscate your sons' game, you should keep it and play it on those days when you, too, want to eradicate the earth's population.

  2. your day was WAY bigger more important than my day. i think your day would have completely flattened me. i ate a mango went to the ocean built a fire came home and with help from my son dug up my vegetable garden which I swore I wasn't going to plant this year.
    rebecca the meek and mild

  3. ps. your face is a definitive OVAL.

  4. Elizabeth, you are soo funny! I love your moon face, so soulful and mischievous and wise. And your Oliver reminds me of my boy before bed, even to this day! When he gets tired he doesn't wind down like most people, he winds UP!!!

  5. 75 pages? Only about 1400 to go! Parcheesi? I won't even comment. =)


  6. Your face is lovely...Sounds like a great way to spend
    Sunday...Glad to hear Sophie's drinking a bit...Maybe I should get one of those devices.

  7. You are, indeed, as bright and beautiful as the moon.
    Praise the moon.
    Praise the beauty of Sophie sleeping.
    Praise St. Mirtha.
    Praise the drink.

  8. LOL -- I thought it seemed too good to be true that the objective of a game would be SAVING people!!

  9. Oh, that sweet sweet, angelic Sophie. Bless her little heart.

  10. hope that game won't make its way across! :)
    my boys are into "Ruzzle" right now, and have games with their cousins down in Florence. Weird world - I do maintain that a good old "hop scotch" game is the best kind of play :)



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