Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crazy Beautiful

 I told Mary Moon that it was so beautiful today in Los Angeles that it was almost creepy. The winds are still blowing, and the air seems like sparkling glass, not fit for breathing. It's dry.

I took a photo of a rose in Beverly Hills and wondered whether it had had plastic surgery.

It's the kind of weather that doesn't make one feel grateful, but like something's up or something's going down.


  1. Perhaps the city is telling you that it's glad you and the boys are all back in town.

  2. I find such days to be a little tyrannical, demanding that I get out under the blue sky and enjoy myself. That rose looks as if it exists in an alternate universe.

  3. I think that rose has had Botox at the very least. It ain't natural. And if it is? Yeah, that's a little creepy.

  4. Maybe it just uses Oil of Olay.

  5. Perhaps we bumped into another realm, and everything in our realm was bathed in its magical light. (too much? Bah, I tried.)

    I think I can smell the rose!

  6. I dunno... I could get used to weather like that!



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