Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Episode of

Gosh, dang. It's been ages since I've done a Smells like Bullshit post and got everyone all riled up. The truth is that I don't feel too riled up anymore -- maybe all the meditation is working or maybe I've grown cynical and hopeless or maybe I just don't give a damn. I do read the papers or, at the very least, skim the headlines and I've noticed that there's a whole lot of bullshit going around. Like today I read that you can't buy a Glock pistol at a Starbucks in Nevada, but you can carry one. Those Nevadans sure are taking steps to keep themselves safe and free. I also saw that North Carolina, that most beloved of states where I spent four blissful years in college and then two afterward, is now controlled by an all-Republican Congress and Governor -- for the first time since Reconstruction! When I exclaimed over that, even Henry said, Mom! That means since the Civil War! I guess his public education here in Sodom and Gomorrah taught him history, if not values. And speaking of values, the fine folks in North Carolina running the show are quickly shaping the state up to rival even Mississippi in its strict control of women who might dare to own their reproductive freedom. There's apparently a fever in Conservative Land of one-upmanship as the grand state of Texas is evidently poised this very moment to pass some of the strictest laws in the country against baby killers like ourselves. That freedom-loving bombshell of a woman, Sarah Palin, is going to run for office again, I read somewhere. Oh, and my home state -- Georgia -- is fixing to kill a "mentally retarded man" any moment, now.

I don't know about you, but the only solution to the smell of bullshit is a nice shot of frozen vodka.


  1. Some of the utter bullshit I've been reading about several states' rationalizations for pushing through anti-abortion bills have me absolutely vibrating with anger and outrage. This has gone far enough. And that's hardly all of it. And WHY is Sarah Palin still around? Why won't she go away? My god, Elizabeth, I contemplate things and I just tremble.

  2. It is such a damned minority, reactionary cycle that we are experiencing...the repubs forget that government derives from the people and the majority has spoken.

  3. heading for the freezer

    only popsicles



  4. I am amazed at the amount of energy put towards controlling womens reproductive choices. Arguing about paying for birth control (which if given freely and abundantly would help decrease the need to choose an abortion if circumstances deem) to controlling more and more abortion options. And no talk about restricting all the money spent on Erectile Dysfunction. If we stopped insurances from paying for those drugs perhaps we could spend less on birth control and abortions. I think it is time for a sex strike! No more sex until men respect our decision, need, desire, and right to control our bodies!

  5. Texas passed the law yesterday. I hate being governed by morons and knowing my fellow citizens who elected them have religion INSTEAD of critical thinking skills. Relieved that Governor Hair will not run again. Courageous Sen. Wendy Davis who spoke for 11 hours in filibuster against the bill may run against the right-wing incumbent Lt.Gov. and we'll put a political sign in our yard for the first time. That might be a risky move since our neighbors are all armed and some are pea-brained but I'm tired of living undercover...

    Speaking of North Carolina, tried eastern NC BBQ (roasted and smoked pork, not BBQ as Texans know it, the sacred slow-smoked brisket)and it was good. Nice to taste one of your favorite foods, now I understand your allegiance. I was assured it was hands-down better than western NC BBQ, would have been fun to do a comparison tasting. NC also has a booming and excellent craft beer movement statewide.

  6. Bubba and I have recently begun watching "Newsroom" and I think it's the 3rd episode where they begin to dismantle the Tea Party and discuss their tainting of the GOP. While I am most decidedly NOT a fan of the GOP, when set adjacent to the Tea Party, they look damn appetizing (scary, I know). I'm wondering whether this is one of those shows that I will have to stop watching after a while (like "House of Cards") simply because the truth/satire of it gives me heartburn.

  7. Happily unplugged from all news these days. It sounds like chaos out there with "fine folks" ... " fixing to kill" .... I can almost hear a southern accent in your voice - but then, nah, I know you ain't got one.

  8. i had a tiny taste of american bullshit yesterday, when my 6 year old daughter was kicked out from the public pool because she was wearing her Italian bottom-only swim costume.

  9. This just tied in too closely to your Glock pistol bullshit not to share it:
    I'm governed by Texas pseudo-cowboys who were afraid of being pelted by women's tampons while voting to restrict same women's rights. Truly bullshit. It makes me want to start drinking again.



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