Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Half Century Plan

via apartment therapy

So, in exactly one month, I'll be fifty years old. I love a birthday, mine included. I'm decidedly not the no gifts, please girl. So. This is what I want for my birthday:

  1. Two weeks in the above little house on the Isle of Wight.
  2. A trip to County Sligo, along the paths that Yeats walked 
  3. A paddle board lesson in a slimming wet-suit with a cute surfer guy of any age
  4. A tiny, perfect mermaid tattoo on my left inner wrist
  5. A car tour through Badlands National Park, perhaps tripping on a tiny amount of an hallucinogenic
Reader, don't you wonder which of these I'll do?


  1. I think you will do the tattoo...and maybe the surfer lesson. All is possible...

  2. Go for the tatoo but get it in Co Sligo in Ireland. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Also take time to climb to the top of Knocknarea, also called Queen Maeve's cairn. It will change you!

  3. you spring chick you! Do all of the above most especially the tattoo. I got pierced on my 50th and I wasn't even on any hallucinogen, though I may have been having a flashback.
    The little house is dreamy.

  4. Come to my house and I can supply #3 and all wet-suits are slimming. I can also accommodate #4 with a tattooer who is a consummate artist and will give you art you will adore your entire life. Happy Almost Your Birthday Month my dear Elizabeth.

  5. I would happily join you in these and especially in #'s 4 and 5.

    I adore you, Elizabeth!


    This place is in Galway, south of Sligo. You'll probably want to hit on your way North from Shannon airport.

  7. Yes to Sligo and Thoor Ballylee!

    And when you go to Yeats' grave, look for the silver bracelet that slipped from my wrist somewhere in that shadowed churchyard.

  8. Turning fifty in three weeks! I want a week to myself. A beach. My computer and my running/walking feet. Fingers crossed for February. On the day, throwing a party that I think mostly my dad wants me to throw -- the clue? He wondered if a good birthday gift would be a photographer for the "event." Ah, the MIDDLE.

  9. I say do them all! Seriously! Seems like the hardest part would be getting ahold of the hallucinogen!

  10. I have a friend who just moved to LA and is a tattoo artist. Let me know if you want me to hook you up ;-). Also, I think maybe combining a few things - such as paddle boarding in Ireland - might be the ticket.

  11. the tatoo will probably be the easiest to pull off. Though they all sound grand and lovely.

    you look awesomely gorgeous BTW :)



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