Friday, July 19, 2013

CBD/Medical Marijuana Update

We're three days in to the Cannatonic, and I've nothing to report, yet.

Trust me, I will.

Until then, carry on with all body parts crossed.


  1. While Segev has about 100 seizures each day, only one or two would be categorized as being massive, catastrophic and requiring an emergency med. While, as I mentioned, Segev has been taking Cannabis in vaporized form for about 8 months it is only since 4 days ago that I was able to move to a CBD strain. Sophie and Segev share a birthday and I hope a similar success story in the days and weeks to come. Since starting the new strain Segev has not had a single massive seizure and when he is awake he is much more 'here'.
    (Elizabeth I don't know if you caught this on the pediatric cannabis therapy page but it appears low dosaging is the way to go)

  2. I'm praying this is the miracle. I know you're missing your boys but it must also be nice to focus on your girl, especially right now. My love to your beautiful family.

  3. I, too, will cross all available body parts.



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