Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Mind

I just noticed some sunshine and blue sky for the first time in days, and it's a good thing. I dropped my cousin off at the airport in a thick fog, and I wondered if Los Angeles has turned into the rainy nightmare that T.C. Boyle described in one of his books that foretold the dire future of our planet with global warming. Perhaps not yet. We have much to do around these parts as both my boys are traveling to the east coast next week to visit my parents. I am tired. I woke up this morning quite suddenly at 3:45 am by the sound of buzzing or a thump or maybe even both. I sat up and grabbed my phone, but it wasn't a call so I lay back down and wondered if there had been an earthquake but when I checked the internet (Los Angeles earthquakes in the Google bar), there hadn't been one since 1:00 am that morning. Earthquakes happen all day long everywhere on the planet -- did you know that? The early hours of the morning are ripe with metaphor, but I've pledged to avoid it -- the making of metaphor -- and sit in what's around me, illusion or not. Sophie was still breathing, the dog's collar clicked on the floor when she lay her head down, the air conditioner kicked on, and I, convinced that something had happened or was going to happen didn't go back to sleep until 5ish or so. Nothing has happened, and as things always go, the music playing on my Amazon Sound Cloud is the above.


  1. I was tolerating the gray and the rain just fine. Loving them, in fact. Until I realized that maybe enough is enough when that tree crashed this morning. But nothing I think is going to have any effect on the weather, as much as I'd like to believe it does.

  2. Oh! I was just reading this last night....

    and watching Samsara...
    a potent combo.

    I wake like that all the time and can sometimes get Tearfull to go out and roam and come back and tell me I'm hearing things.

    It's sometimes a real challenge to sit with what is.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Alexi Murdoch. Sultry, bluesy music for a muggy afternoon in New Orleans.

  4. I've pledged to avoid the early morning hours ripe with metaphor, too.

  5. Amazing how magnified sound can become at that hour. When I turn on the small fan beside my bed just before sleep, I can barely hear it. When I wake up at, what I refer to as "The Freight Trains of Anxiety Hour", the fan is a veritable roar.

    Thanks from me, also, for the introduction to this vocalist. Going now to YouTube to hear more!

  6. I love Alexi Murdoch's music...



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