Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's NaCaGiMo, Folks! Day Six

This morning, I'm lifting one of my dearest CaGiMo's Facebook status updates for your amusement and education. Here you go:

NaFaCaMo Day 6, election edition.Vote.Yesterday while strolling through one of our neighborhood parks with my son and his nurse we overheard two men talking rather crassly about "ending women's rights." I turned to look at them and saw that one was wearing a sticker for the republican party's presidential candidate. He saw me see his sticker and then yelled, "yeah, that means you babe!" I looked back at him again and he yelled even louder, "next week you'll be done!"Vote.For those who have seen both the video I posted yesterday and HRC's last campaign ad, we did ours before seeing hers so I told my son that she liked ours so much she made her own. Roar.Vote.Sending fierce love and deep gratitude to those who are able to do more than we are to get out the vote.Oh, and VOTE!

***I'm a Bad-Ass Mother FaCa and I approved this message.


  1. Doing my all to get my liberal people to the polls! Let's turn this country blue!

  2. I can hardly believe people are enthusiastic about wearing little stickers, like babies after a doctor's appointment, to show they voted. OTOH my next door neighbor, who has long white hair and a long white beard and gets all his news from Democracy Now, never votes.

    The enthusiasm for acronyms also leaves me somewhat miffed, but I was gratified to learn that the reading room at our local library is hosting NaNoWriMo participants once a week for
    the rest of the month. There's something really kind of sweet about that.

  3. Ditto from another Bad-Ass Mother FaCa.

  4. I think what has upset me most about this election (aside from the vehement rhetoric surrounding us) is the realization that the population of bigoted, racist, misogynistic jerks is a LOT higher than I thought. I really did think more of people prior to this election. It's been terribly disappointing. Even folks I considered friends excuse away the inexcusable...sigh

  5. Yes, vote. And then...sigh, we will have to figure out how to coexist with the folks who have been emboldened to come out into the light and admit that they really do hate women and gay people and minorities and that they don't actually give a shit about people with disabilities. Much work ahead.



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