Saturday, November 5, 2016

It's NaFaCaMo, Folks! Day Five

It's getting closer, and I know I'm preaching to a pretty big choir here with the occasional errant outlier, but this election is whupping our asses. I bought a choker the other day, a black ribbon with a beautiful blue Buddha on it. I don't ordinarily like anything that high on my neck. I hate turtlenecks and claim my decollete as one of my last remaining assets, so I tend to wear necklaces that hang right there, drawing the eyes down from the chin and the crepe -- whatever. I bought a choker the other day because I loved it, and because I felt the visceral need to be literally choked. I don't mean that to sound kinky or perverse -- I just feel choked up and tired, exhausted really, from the whole shebang. I'm tired of reading about it, hearing about it, listening to it and, most of all, talking about it. I needed a symbolic choker, so I bought it and put it on right in the store, vowing to not talk about the election or listen to anything more about the election and to keep it on until Tuesday.


What does this have to do with NaFaCaMo, you might ask? Well, everything, actually. We've got to vote Hillary Clinton in to office as President because we have the best chance of having our needs as caregivers met. I believe we have the best chance of having our children with disabilities' needs met. Hell, I'm a lefty liberal, so I believe we have the best chance of having our needs as human beings met.

And that's all I'm saying about that.


  1. "I'm with Her" and I like that choker!!


  2. Amen! I can't wait for this all to be over. I'm with her, too. (I early voted Thursday). The possibility of Trump winning is too horrible to contemplate.

  3. I'll take bets on that, Tuesday's a long way off.

  4. Love the choker! I'm exhausted too, even from afar.

  5. Found out Quackenboss is all Trump. Truly believes Trump will "help" with the vaccine issues! Can't believe the blindness. Had to unsubscribe. The lack of careful, balanced thought in this election is too scary to accept or to participate in in any way.

    1. I saw that and agree. I am, of course, concerned about the encroachment upon medical freedoms, particularly compulsory vaccination laws. If that's the stance Clinton takes, then I'll continue to fight it. But to believe that Trump will do anything or cares about anything related to medical freedom is a giant joke.

  6. I can't wait for this Crazy Election to be over either... and The Man and I mailed in our early ballots EARLY. *LOL* Sadly, we couldn't endorse either candidate since we don't believe either is good for our Country... so our choice won't really matter and we're just bracing for whatever the next four years brings, which is disconcerting to say the least. Many 'avid' Supporters scare us more than the candidates actually... Wow, the Crazy Train is full and careening down the tracks and going wheels off the rails like an Ozzy lyric... All aboard... ay ay ay.... Just my two cents worth... which is all it's worth unfortunately. *Smiles* Been Enjoying your Posts immensely by the way, you make me Smile and I need that... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. So Dawn- why did you and your husband bother to vote at all? I don't get that.



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