Friday, November 25, 2016

Status Update

Seattle, WA

I'm super glad that Thanksgiving is over. I dislike the contrivance of it, that forced gratitude thing. I've never really liked Thanksgiving, except for the sides, to tell you the truth. Speaking of, you know what side I'm on. I am here this morning on the left side of the country and ever so grateful to be here. My political views are opposite to those of some of my closest relatives, and I was filled with dread about the night. There've been awkward Thanksgivings before, but never like this one. I told one of my friends that I was taking it on as some sort of karmic thing. I was intent on being, if not Zen, than at least a tad Stepford-like. I figured that would be at least in keeping with the Drumpf's bride. Last night I posted on Facebook that I would drink a glass of red wine for every Trump supporter at my Thanksgiving table. I posted this picture of myself along with it:

I'm not a big drinker so I anticipated the night being epic. Here's what happened. Everyone behaved. No one mentioned anything at all about Drumpf or his band of crazies. It was ok. That was a bottle of Montepulciano, and it was delicious. I drank one small glass of the wine, served the food dutifully and cleaned up as dutifully. Then I lay down on the bed next to Sophie in a sort of comatose state with a splitting headache and eventually went to sleep.

I guess we're going to have to get on with it. Keep resisting in our own way.

Here are my divine children for whom I'd do anything.


  1. Those faces make one thankful all year long! I would have had at least two glasses of that wine, no matter what the discussion. Hope some is left.


  2. Yes. It is over. We move on. From dinner, at least.

  3. oh, my, your youngest has had a growth spurt!

    I'm not a big turkey fan, but since we've started bbqing them, I've changed my tune.

    So glad everyone's manners were impeccable - what a relief. We talked politics, but only because we were all on the same side. I got some sage advice from some very smart women who bring a lot of perspective. IE, we only have to endure this creep for 4 years, and if we get to work and resist, it can be giant shift in our national consciousness. Also found out that the mother of my husband's son in law is also going to DC in January for the women's march. She lives in NYC. She is a hoot -- outspoken to say the very least. She said if she died from march altercation, it would be fine. She's ready to go. "If they wanna kill an old lady, so be it!" Her daughter shuddered. :-)

  4. Oh, man. My BIL has some extreme views, stuff that's really out there. Conspiracy theories. Aliens. That kind of thing. But I love that man. He is so good to my sister and a most excellent daddy to his daughters. He just doesnt talk about his beliefs and I don't talk about mine. I guess the difference is his beliefs are not anywhere close to hate. They are just really... odd. He hates DT and Hillary. He was stil supporting Sanders right up to the day of the election. I finally silenced him on my Facebook page.
    I am proud of you for having your dinner. I think I would have canceled.

  5. Divine kids. As for Melania, i feel badly judging her for some reason. Can we hate him witbout involving her? Hopefully.

    1. Hmmm. I said nothing about "hate." The Stepford wife and Shakespearean Daughters are going to be difficult to watch for four years. A veritable Addams family that you couldn't make up.

  6. I'm so sorry but I couldn't resist. I'm thankful I'm not American:)

  7. Oh my, Oliver is suddenly a man! How beautiful your babies are. And you as well. I am glad everyone behaved, but still, it is a stressful day for sure. Over here, people didn't behave, and so we had to stage a margarita takeover of the party. It worked quite nicely.

  8. I'm glad the dinner wasn't too awkward or politically unpleasant! Though I probably would have indulged in more of that wine even if Trump DIDN'T come up in conversation. :)

    I've always liked Thanksgiving, with the emphasis on the food and togetherness. (Which is a lot of fun for me, because members of my immediate family all pretty much see eye-to-eye.) But since we've moved out of the US we pretty much think of it as just a long weekend!



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