Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's NaFaCaGiMo, Folks! Day Eight

Photograph by #BadAssBrotherFaCa Oliver B.

#BadAssMotherFaCa and #BadAssBrotherFaCa
voted today for her, Sophelia Bodelia, because we know her rights as a human being and ours as her caregivers will be served best by a President of the United States who believes in the humanity of every living person.


First time voter, my son Henry:


  1. Congratulations Henry! Your generation is changing the world!

    And Elizabeth, I don't think I could jump that high if my life depended on it, congratulations to you too!

  2. Beautiful pic! And I love that you all wore white. Sadly, Ohio has just gone to Trump...

  3. Sorry your votes as well as mine did not count. It's going to be s rough future I am afraid sad and sick You think it's tough for disabled and caregivers now? Going to be much worse



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