Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Scared Sh*tless and Resistant

Just when I think I've had enough, there's something more. Yesterday it was reading that Drumpf (#notmypresident) had appointed arch-conservative Georgia congressman Tom Price to be his Health and Human Services secretary. These appointments -- this vile human being and Jim Sessions, the arch-conservative racist senator from Alabama who will be the chief law enforcer, and the billionaire woman who will be in charge of wrecking public education, render me scared shitless in a profoundly personal way. I'm afraid that there might literally be nothing positive to be salvaged over the next four years and possibly longer, that any progress we've made during the last eight years will be utterly squandered and that the lives of the most vulnerable people in our country -- the disabled, in particular -- will be damanged irrevocably. Both Price and Sessions are vehemently opposed to medical marijuana -- have fought in their respective states against it, have made ignorant statements about it and will now be in the position to reverse a lot of the gains that have been made during the last couple of years, even. Price despises the Affordable Care Act and wants to turn even our right to healthcare into a commodity -- something to bid for, to shop for. Sessions has made disparaging comments, on the record, about public education, particularly special education, leading many to believe that he will work hard NOT to defend the American Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Act. He called the inclusion of disabled students (particularly those with behavioral challenges related to their disability) "the single most irritating problem for teachers throughout American today."  He has blamed those disabled kids getting accomodations for the "decline of civility" in this country.Do you think, as Attorney General, that he will have the best interests of my daughter and millions like her in mind?

These people will gut the ADA and they will gut IDEA. They will take away women's reproductive freedom, and they will do it in the service of their fucked up god. They will stall the descheduling of marijuana and go after even those states that have legalized it. They will deny people of color and religious minorities their constitutional rights.

Do I sound hysterical? Do I sound like a sore loser or a whiner, as cousins of mine stated on their Facebook page two days after the election? Do I sound angry?

I'll tell you something. I'm almost hysterical. I'm not a sore loser, but I'm losing. I'm not whining. I'm shouting through words. And yes, I'm angry. I'm going to resist being scared shitless, though, because this is my country, too. A country is only as strong and great as its attitude toward the most vulnerable of its population. Right now, America is poised to be led by a racist misogynist who was voted in by a minority of selfish, uneducated and ignorant citizens . Whether it's him or the craven Republicans pulling the strings, he's surrounding himself with a bunch of privileged sycophants.

For the past two weeks I have woken in dread for what has been wrought on us personally and as a culture and nation. People whom I love have brought this on us, and I just can't shake it.

Yes, this is a rant. I'm waking in dread, but I'm moving forward in resistance.

Today is Giving Tuesday. You can help these organizations that help the disabled. We will need it more than ever --

1. Jewish LA Special Needs Trust

#Giving Tuesday is finally here! As a new nonprofit, we are excited to join this global day of helping and caring for others in need. Remember, all gifts to JLA Trust will be used to help our Outreach and Education activities, and allow us to assist more people with disabilities. You can ensure that a veteran living on government benefits is able to enjoy a higher quality of life and that a single mother can plan ahead with confidence for her child with disabilities  by clicking here! Your dollars will help us help others.

TODAY REALLY MATTERS. Gates Foundation doubles your "Giving Tuesday" donation. That means for every $100 we get $200 today only-- and bless you, if you happen to be able to donate $1000, then the $2000 we get takes care of travel and food for an entire caregiver getaway! I donate upscale hotel lodgings for all caregiftees-- can you help with travel and food? Why do I feel so strongly (as my mother did before me) that the woman's touch is so much needed in this world? And there are some amazing caregiving men, too-- we need to reach a hand out to them. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELP.

We improve lives through Research, Education, and Advocacy. By funding and conducting Research, we learn more about cannabis and its effects while legitimizing the therapy.Education empowers consumers to select the best products for their individual needs, and informs healthcare professionals about options for their patients. Through Advocacy, we spread the truth about cannabis and expand access to those in need. 


  1. We do what we can -- give to deserving organizations, speak out against the fascist Drumpf administration, write to our representatives, and hold our loved ones close. I have a difficult time being around my parents since this election, and it will only take one slip up by mi padre to make me open a can of whoop ass on him. He once set my head ablaze by claiming that gay men had almost RUINED our country with their AIDS. Hell hath no furry, E.

    We'll keep each other moving forward. Sharing our stories, fighting for the ones we love.

  2. Your fears are valid. And you are the LEAST whiny person I know.

  3. The fears are certainly valid. We need to get the best minds, strongest people into the Democratic Party leadership to work at bringing the party into a position of strength. What is in place failed terribly and there will be painful times ahead because of this failure. The pain will suffered by foolish Trump supporters as well though I get no pleasure from this, that will hopefully learn what they have wrought. We need to have leaders in place to get changes made in the next elections only 2 years away. Change in Congress can happen at that time.

  4. I had sworn to myself that I would wait until he gets sworn in and proposes something before I would get panicked or angry. But he's lining up a nightmare group of fringe monsters.

    I feel like we're being surrounded by angry dogs set to break their leashes all at once on January 20th.

  5. They have the right, thank god it's in the Constitution, to say what ever they want, as we do. But they are wrong about you, and all who voted for him are wrong about him. His is a card carrying member of the "Mao, Stalin, Putin, Hitler, ad nauseum, totalitarian, dictator club. Fuck them all.

    I demand a psychological evaluation of him by an independent party, in response to his erratic, irresponsible childish and petty behavior unbefitting the position of a president elect who is supposed to be looking out for the American people and not himself. It is all so fucking and terrifyingly insane. I will never shut up and I will not accept this dangerous, mentally unstable person as my President. Never.
    We have 32 days left - FIGHT!

  6. I would like just one person who joined the "Make America Great Again" bandwagon give me one example of just how that is going to happen!!!!!


  7. Donation made. And I am sharing. Please keep writing, your words inspire me to action.

  8. As you know Elizabeth, my attorney daughter works for Disability Rights. I'm sure they will be frenzied busy in the coming years ensuring rights guaranteed in the ADA are not trampled by the very insider, political hacks he's appointing. It's scary indeed and we all must be in activist mode. That said,I still believe love trumps hate.

  9. This is becoming more horrific by the day.
    I didn't think it could be but it is.

  10. In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that it would be this bad. But it is.

  11. This whole clusterf*ck terrifies me more than than anything else I've experienced in my life. I will NEVER get over this. I will do all I can to protect and help a anyone in the crosshairs (what an apt term) of this demonic administration to be.

  12. I agree with you. As a disabled woman alone, I am terrified and I think all of your points are valid...

  13. It's really becoming more and more nightmarish. I don't know what to do. I gave to caregifted. And I pray that the dysfunction so in evidence in congress these past 8 years and longer will stymie the worst rollbacks and assaults on our civil liberties and fundamental human rights. What a thing to pray for.

  14. I feel like we're pretty much living n a nightmare. I'm absolutely terrified ... for my kids.

  15. Of all my friends down south you are one of the ones I worry about the most. This election outcome is going to impact Sophie and you have every right to rant. You have every right to be hysterical and a sore loser and a whiner. None of those assholes who say that about you are going to care for Sophie. And while they are not caring they will be stripping the very programs she needs to thrive. Carry on, Elizabeth. I wish I had 10% of your anger. xo

  16. I'm with you on the dread. I'm just not sure what can be done (short of donating, which I've already done and plan to continue to do). Voting is our big chance to be heard. I'm afraid the best we can expect is to have a chance to readdress this situation in two years, with incremental methods of resistance until then. I'm not devaluing resistance and I don't want to sound like an appeaser -- I'm just trying to be realistic and practical, and trying to remain open-minded about the possibility that it might not be a complete disaster.

  17. So well said Elizabeth...if that's any consolation.

  18. I don't mean to scare but there's a lot more.


    Forget the Donald, it's the people around him we need to fight.

    Greetings from London.

  19. "The Handmaid's Tale." I've been worried/talking about it for years, about Atwood's prescience. It's here, or almost. As Tennessee comedian Trae Crowder says, "Fake God help us." Love, Glimmer



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