Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Denouement

Working child, 1910

I was in and out all day yesterday with one kid or another, and damn if that silverware basket didn't sit on that counter, un-emptied until nearly 8:00 PM when I finally came home after the last lacrosse game. I yelled for Oliver to COME EMPTY THIS SILVERWARE THIS INSTANT! Sophie's caregiver, Mirtha, told me that she thought I had left it out for a reason and apologized for not putting it away. I said, Oh, no! I was doing a small test of change. When Oliver came in, he told me that Mrs. B at his friend's basketball game told him to put away the silverware but don't tell your mother that I told you. 

That's weird, right Mom? he said, completely clueless. I don't know how she knew this was sitting out all day. 

OK Mrs. B -- you're busted.

The denouement?

I just thought we were going to use the clean silverware right from the basket from now on, he said, as he put the silverware away. That would have been cool.

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  1. best laugh of the morning- the wishful thinking that the family would begin using silverware from the "clean" basket.. :)

  2. LOLOL! I love the helpful intervention of Mrs B and the fact that it was TOTALLY FUTILE! He's a sweet boy, that one.

  3. That does sort of make sense. In a way. I swear, Elizabeth- I thought I saw you yesterday. Such a beautiful woman and I thought, my god, that looks like Elizabeth! But...she's at lacrosse games.
    And I knew it couldn't be you but I wish it had been.

  4. Ms. Moon, didn't you immediately love that woman you saw just because she looked like Elizabeth?

  5. I knew someone who never put away her clean clothes. The basket filled with clean laundry sat in the corner of her room, everything unfolded. She pulled out what she wanted to put on. Streamlined? Yes. Would I want a basket of unfolded clothes in my room? No.
    Do my children share my love of neatness? No.
    This big Los Angeles life has us making time for so many activities for our kids. So much "enrichment." To which they are chauffeured by us. It felt topsy-turvy when it was happening to me. It feels topsy-turvy now when I see it happening to you.

  6. And....I love Valentine in the background of the silverware photo. His big innocent eyes. He doesn't care where the silverware is either.

  7. Such a male response - thought we'd just use the silverware from here! Oy. That's the problem with tests like that - men and boys are often so oblivious to these "hints" that they only make us crazier.

  8. HA! I must admit that if I had run into the boy I would have probably suggested that he empty it too. I guess that all the Mrs.s think Oliver is a doll and don't want him in too much trouble.

  9. Even though I find a clean kitchen calming and a messy one distressing, I do understand Oliver's point!

  10. That boy is one smart cookie. I guess you didn't know Mrs. B read your blog ;)

  11. Too funny. Sounds like an argument that my own son would use.



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