Saturday, February 4, 2012

2:10 PM

**If this post confuses you, see previous one.


  1. The cutlery is still there, Elizabeth. I know the feeling. My dishwasher hasn't even been switched on - note the passive tense - and its full to overflowing and my children are a whole lot older than yours, but at least my husband can be excused. He's away at present. Funny that we women can often times become the in visible workers. It took till I broke my leg and could do none of this for my children to recognise something of what I do routinely behind the scenes.

    I wonder how many posts and hours before the cutlery basket disappears.

  2. Been there. Done that.

    When we moved Maggie downstairs several years ago, the boys were finally able lto each have their own room. GOod, I thought, now we will see which of the two of them is the real slob. Each had always blamed the other for the mess.

    Turns out they were both right.

    And don't even get me started about clean clothes going back into the hamper because they were too lazy to put them away.

  3. Arrrg. Oliver. Listen. I'm talking to you. PUT THE SILVERWARE AWAY. RIGHT NOW.

  4. I was even going to say in my last comment that I had faith in Oliver that he would come through. Tell him he is making me look bad.

  5. I guess it will empty with the need of utensil...or when you have to fill it with the dirty ones....oh boy...

  6. I laughed when I read the first post today - I had a short fuse for Cooper yesterday and he was being long on the stubborn -- so he has the iPad taken away. Until March.

  7. I just got here from up there and laughed my self silly.



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