Saturday, February 4, 2012

Laziness, small tests of change, baseball, lacrosse, The Husband, The Mistress and Chocolate Cake

I've worn glasses for near-sightedness since I was about seven years old. When I wake up in the morning, I put on my glasses first so that I can see the world. A little later, I put in my contacts and still later I take them out and put my glasses back on. Now that I'm nearing the half century mark, it's getting difficult to read with just my contacts or just my glasses. So, I had to buy some of those glasses for reading. Except that at night, when I do most of my reading, I have to put them on over my glasses.

Yes, I know. I could get graduated lenses or whatever the hell they're called. But I can't be bothered. Hence, the laziness of the title.

This morning, Oliver woke up very chipper at 7:15. That he doesn't bound out of bed at this time on school mornings is a constant source of amazement to me -- and not a little irritation. The two of us got off on the wrong foot, and I landed up hollering at him for being fresh and taking away his iPod. I had asked him to empty the dishwasher and feed the dog and got what my father would have called too much lip. I told him that his attitude needed to change; I expected more respect and response and he was to think about what he could do to earn back his privileges.  In lieu (there I go, using that phrase again) of prolonging all the drama, I emptied the dishwasher but left the silverware basket on the table.

My intention is to see how long that basket will sit there. Hence, the small tests of change of the title.

Henry has his first pre-baseball season baseball practice this morning from 10:30 until 1:00. Oliver has a lacrosse game from 11:30 until 1:00. Henry then has a lacrosse game from 4:15 until 6:30. The Husband is spending the day and night with The Mistress. I must bake a chocolate cake for a client and ferry these boys to and fro. Hence the baseball, lacrosse, The Husband, The Mistress and chocolate cake of the title.

Reader, what does your Saturday look like?


  1. Much less busy. No boys. No cake.
    Sending mind messages to O.--"Put away silverware. Put away silvereware."

  2. Not nearly as much fun as yours. (Hahahahahaha!) I don't even know what the hell lacrosse really is. Which suits me fine.
    Progressive lenses do not suck.

  3. I don't know what lacrosse really is either. Then again, Ms Moon and I are from the south where its football or nothing pretty much.

    My Saturday is filled with quiet and a book. Although it would be nice to have a little busy thrown in I think.

  4. I am tired just reading about your Saturday! Please bake cake for yourself as well. We are sick and my plans are to boil a chicken for soup.

  5. Quiet and lazy here...but I do know what it is like the ferrying of kids here and there. I'm just down to one who at 15 1/2+ sleeps till noon....I can't imagine sleeping till noon!

    As for the "lip talk" middle daughter did that forever and I truly thought I would go crazy. Quite the willful child. Ryan has the eye roll down but when asked he does follow through. I should as more of him to help...but I fail to do that.

    Lick the bowl after the cake and don't share....hehehehe!

  6. i have financial aid forms to attend to.

    also, worrying about my daughter not doing sufficient prep for the college interview she has this afternoon. watching her sit unconcerned on the couch in front of her open laptop watching the new hunger games trailer. (mom, look, a new trailer was released!) making myself not say, did you look up your interviewer? do you have your questions ready? making myself breathe and let it go. telling myself that if this is the school she is to attend, the interview will go fine.

    my niece is in town from college with her squash team. going to watch her play later today. my daughter asked if a boy could come with us. i think this is what she is thinking about instead of her interview.

    good luck with the baking and the ferrying!

    as for the silverware, oh elizabeth, i never win those small tests. i just steep in rage. i wish i could call oliver and tug his sleeve. he is a good boy. you are a good mom. this is all part of it, and later, you will laugh. maybe not at the mistress, but definitely at the silverware.

    i love you fierce.

  7. Let's see. My Saturday, so far, has consisted of putting the dishes away. The boys are grown and living on separate coasts. Were they here, I'm sure they would have taken care of that without being asked. Ah, how our memory fades!! No games on the agenda. I wish I had a little boy soccer game to attend--make that two games at the same time at opposite ends of town. I finally broke down and spent big bucks on some very attractive no-line bi-focals. The top is clear. The bottom is amplified many times. I think they make me look intelligent!! At the price I paid for them, I could probably be well on my way to a second masters!! Oh, and I spent three hours at breakfast meeting with a board member. I think I'll just go take a nap. Hope you can too.


  8. I love that photo of you with both glasses on:).
    No comment on the child rearing as mine are all saints of course.

    I cannot believe how much easier our Saturday schedules have gotten in the last year or so.

    My husband is with youngest at her soccer practice ( they train all year at this level ) which he coaches, and then they are going to a movie for his birthday. I took a pass as it's kind of a bonding thing anyway as he was away all week and her sister is also away in Florida with a friend post exams .

    I've chatted on the phone for a few minutes with both daughters that are away when they called for said bday.

    I'm going to get my son to start doing some painting actually, speaking of a not chore job, as I have been meaning to do our master bedroom and this is something he is more than capable of .

    He celebrated his birthday last night, both here ( our basement ) and out, which is actually on Monday, so is sleeping that off/sleeps so much lately anyway.

    I am dog sitting for my girlfriend, their flight due shortly , and then am going to make some sort of a gourmet dinner and spend the evening back on here I suppose. :) So wild.

    I cleaned the house in a frenzy earlier because it was one of those wonderfully sunny and shows every dusty streaky surface mornings. I love to clean because it's easier than say trying to figure out how to organize and back up photos, navigate twitter, scan documents and create order out of years of marriage, bills, etc.


    And btw? My oldest daughter 's boyfriend plays lacrosse for UMASS. Crazy sport that.

  9. Much, much like yours. Did you know that I have worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade, moved to contacts since 10th grade and literally cannot get out of bed in the morning with out putting on my glasses ... my eyes are just that bad?

    We JUST remarked on the attitude the soon to be 11 year old Jake is sporting these days ...lovely and heart breaking because he has always been my sweetest.I often say to him," Please Jake,please don't go to the dark side."

    Swim meet,speaking engagement for Zoey and I for Team In Training, a run in these crazy winds, cleaning, grocery shopping,managing an 8 year old who had a med switch yesterday is looking like a walking zombie and well, lots more but I won't bore you.

    Strength for the day my friend and finish it off with one of those yummy drinks you have posted about, won't you?

  10. I love the words your dad used. I heard those too.

  11. Since you asked... look what I did today!

    (warning: shameless pride from a self-taught, paint-something-once-a-year, wannabe artist)

  12. I too can be found with two sets of glasses on my head. as fir the cutlery basket, I'm watching and waiting till it moves.

  13. Ditto on the glasses bit. I had to laugh seeing your double glasses routine since I thought I was the only one who did that. Like you, I am also near-sighted, mine is so bad I can't even read the clock beside the bed without them! Have finaly had to give up on the contacts that I have worn most of my life. They now feel like I am watching a 3D movie.
    I also have a son with "lip" who would avoid the utensil holder bin (what do you call that thing any way?) forever!

  14. My Saturday involved a hard run with my gentleman friend (A RUN, LITERALLY, not anything dirty. Sadly.) Picking Jonah up from his grandmother's trailer, walking through the oddly warm Michigan sunshine at the woods, forcing Jonah to clean his room (FORCED CHILD LABOR LIKE IN CHINA! he shouted, after listening to an episode of This American Life with me) and being declared the "fun ruiner."

    And I was supposed to get bifocals when I was 17. 17 years later, i still can't do stairs with them on and often read with two pairs of glasses perched on my nose. I gave up on contacts (shaving my legs regularly, showering 7 days a week, not driving a 'hobo car', etc) when Jonah was born. I say it's a new trend!

  15. I wore contacts for years but then my eyes apparently dried out! Rather than doing prescription drops for lubrication I decided to just go back to glasses several years ago. I have a really strong prescription. I bought a pair of those sunglasses that fit OVER regular glasses so I sometimes wear two pairs too. When I first put the the sunglasses on over my regular glasses I thought to myself "so . . . it has come to this!" ;-) I think my days as a cool, hip person are definitely over! ;-)

    Will watch with interest to see what happens with the silverware!

    Carrie T.

  16. My Saturday looked like putting ice packs on my upper lip, which is bandaged from the removal of a small skin cancer (which somehow necessitated several stitches, anyway) and trying not to eat, talk, or laugh too much. And watching my family snicker every time they looked in my direction. (The bandage makes me look like Adolf Hitler with a white mustache.)

    I so love this post. And your glasses. It took me years to get used to "progressive" lenses, and I still have trouble reading some things - the range of vision is very narrow and you have to move your head to get things in focus - I read very fast so I have the choice of giving myself whiplash or letting the edges of things blur. I need to get myself some reading glasses...

  17. My Saturday ... my house is filled with drunken college students, my daughter and her friends, who are politley trying to appear not drunk. God bless'em. It is the Phoenix Open golf tournament here in sunny Arizona and the college kids come to party. They left my house early in the morning, dressed in beautiful sun dresses, large floppy hats, and heels (the girls at least) ; and came back hours later with shoes and hats in hand, swaying ever so slightly.

    My other college-aged daughter called me in the afternoon to tell me that her stomach hurts and so she hasn't eaten all day. Then she started crying. She just got out of the hospital Thursday night and the doctors had pronounced her healed. Surrounded by drunken college students, I called that doctor and did my best imitation of Shirley MacClaine in Terms of Endearment.

    I can't wait for Sunday.

  18. I did a 10 hour volleyball tournament after a one hour drive for my 11 year old twins. that was MY Saturday

  19. Here's hoping the cake got baked, the silverware was put away by Oliver, and the lacrosse games were fun and victorious.

    Our Saturday began with joining a real estate agent to look at a house I fell in love with this week in order to convince Bubba and the girls that this might be "the one." By mid-day, we had seen the house, walked the neighborhood and decided against it. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

    Then we hit Lola's basketball game, dropped a load of garage-junk off at the dump and came home so Bubba could cook us all dinner. Wish yours could have cooked you dinner, too. (Freaky - the word verification was 'reecapp!')

  20. There must be something in the air. i have recently assessed the house mess and came to the conclusion that The Boy is responsible for about 85% of it. I am on him constantly.My hope is that he will realize how much trouble it is to clean up after himself. working? Nope.

  21. My saturday is long gone, but it also involved the dishwasher. Reading ahead to your latest post I have to laugh at the thought it was a new way to store the silverware - out in the open where anyone can grab what they need. Sounds like a frat house idea :)



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