Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lacrosse, Cotillion and Cake

A few of you expressed interest and ignorance about the game of lacrosse. Both my boys play it, and while it's a new game on the west coast, lacrosse is a Native American game -- played hundreds and hundreds of years ago by Native American tribes in the northeast and all along the Atlantic seaboard. It's rough and tumble but less so than football and infinitely more fun to watch -- at least to me. I think it satisfies a lot of boy aggression, and at Henry's level (he's thirteen and in the junior high school league) is an exciting, skilled game to watch.

Henry is Number 13

At Oliver's level, it's a bit more mayhem-like, but Oliver is a tank and enjoys "bringing them down."

Oliver is Number 0

And here's Henry, cleaned up and ready for Cotillion. He recently topped me in height, but I told him that he's still my baby.

Oh, here's a cake I baked this weekend, and if you want to check out my updated food blog, How to Eat, here's the link.

Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate Buttercream


  1. Lacrosse was big at my high school and I liked it better than football. I'm also quite familiar with cotillion as both of our boys, looking very much like Oliver, attended cotillion in that bastion of cotillions, Charleston, S.C.! Every wednesday at Hibernian Hall (south of Broad, of course) the adorable little boys all decked out and little girls in tres cher dresses learned the manners of the dance. Thanks for the memories.


  2. My son wants to play lacross, but I don't have much knowledge on the rules of the game. I guess I will be learning all about it!

  3. My confession...my daughter played "field hockey" in high school for 4 years; as a HS principal I watched many field hockey games...I do not understand the game at all...all I ever knew was that referees were blowing whistles every 30 seconds...no lax in my days, TG! Handsome son...going out to but me a chocolate cake.

  4. Such a handsome young man Henry is becoming! And that Chocolate cake makes me just want to put my finger into the frosting and take a big swipe.

  5. No. No.No! When did Henry get soooo tall? I mean his legs! They look like they've shot up (or is it down?) by about 2 feet this year? I've heard of Lacrosse...my boss went to college on a Lacrosse scholarship. That's the extent of my knowledge. The cake. I so desperately want to be your neighbor and best friend. Yes I would totally use you for the cakes you bake. You could refer to me as the Sociopath Next Door With A Sweet Tooth and even write a book about me. I don't care. Just give me the damned cake.

  6. Lola loves lacrosse and while it doesn't release much of her aggression (girls are no-contact until 6th grade), it is a great outlet for her need to run around like a crazy person for at least an hour a day. You should feel lucky you get to be a spectator in LA. Here in the Pacific NW we watch many a mud-bowl.

    That cake looks divine!

    Oh, and that boy and his curls and his height - oy!

  7. I may be a Lacrosse mom next year when my youngest is in 6th grade, or so he says. He no longer likes baseball. My oldest plays high school baseball. I am still reeling from the check had to write the other day.
    --Michele R.

  8. My oldest daughter played lacrosse in high school and really enjoyed it.

    Henry looks so handsome. And the liquor cabinet behind him looks fetching also.

    The cake, as usual, looks delicious!

  9. Oh my son would just give anything to have a Lacrosse team locally! He adores the game but none of the school (or club teams) are close by so he just dreams about it! I guess football will just have to be his thing.

    Just found your blog and can't wait to read more!



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