Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday shenanigans and one Saturday picture

Henry's bacon-wrapped hotdog

Milk in a bottle

Our cluttered living room

Picking tangerines and fighting on the trampoline
Sophie, in her swing, under the tangerine tree, protesting the fighting

Tangerines, tiny, full of seeds and sour, although good for jams

Chocolate Chip Cake

Vanilla Buttercream for Chocolate Chip Cake

One Saturday photo:

Mirtha, my sister-wife and Sophie's dear friend and caretaker on Saturdays


  1. I recognize this world. I honor it.

  2. Always an honor to glimpse inside a piece of another's life...a real honor

  3. Love the cozy living room and, oh, what I would do with sour tangerines!

    And, like Sophie, I would be protesting the fighting. To no end, I suspect.

  4. Oh, what a treat! How kind of you to share this world of yours with us.

    Your living room doesn't look cluttered to me, it looks magical!
    Everything in your world looks just, plain magical!

  5. Even that bacon wrapped hot dog :)

  6. Whenever I see photos of your living room I always want to curl up in that chair and read a book. Your house looks so cozy.

    (and I thought of you and of Sophie today - another blogger posted a video about a big church in Colorado who gave a huge dance for the differently-abled people in their community. They said they wanted people who had been marginalized by society to know the feeling of dressing up and going to prom. It looked marvelous, complete with red carpet and photographers snapping photos as everyone was delivered to the dance. There was no separation - the church members danced, the guests danced, wheelchairs or no, they ate dinner together at beautiful tables set with fine china, and they all looked like they had a terrific time. It reminded me of your post the other day about the blessing people would receive if that wall of separation was allowed to come down. Let me know if you'd like the link and I'll send it to you.

  7. Oh, how I miss the days when I had citrus trees in my yard (in Florida). That seems like such a luxury now. Even sour little tangerines would be fabulous!

    I love the photo of your living room. So homey!

  8. Oh that tangerine tree! And the professional kitchen aid mixer I admit made my heart sing. I love being the voyeur. Thank you for the peek inside.

  9. Thats how a living room should look!! Lived in with family items all over it. I love it!!!

  10. A living room is supposed to be cluttered, otherwise it would be called an unliving room.

    I have never seen a tangerine tree, no I have not. I have never had tangerine jam either! I covet your tree.

  11. such pretty photos. love the milk in the jar. love the tangerine trees making me wistful for california climate. and, of course, sophie always makes me smile.

  12. Boy howdy, how I envy you Californians with your citrus trees. I dream of lemon trees and almond trees like some people dream of winning the lottery.



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