Saturday, February 4, 2012

7:16 PM

**if you're confused by this post, scroll on down to the previous two.  The build-up and climax have occurred. The denouement will be described tomorrow.


  1. I guess that old adage, "When hell freezes over", applies here.

    Oliver my man. I was so hoping.

    Now, I am looking each picture over and it appears to me that perhaps things have been removed to be used throughout the day, no? And where have the dirty utensils been going is another question.

    Reminds me and is similar to my family of, well, these days 8, going to the laundry room and removing the items of clothing that they want to wear but never actually bringing the pile to their rooms to put away. That would require way too much effort.

  2. Well, at least the dog is paying attention!

  3. I have a theory about tweens & teens and housework. The dearest children often have no sense of ownership or responsibility when it comes to housework, especially in the kitchen. They feel the house is YOUR thing. It is not really THEIR house; they are just passing through it on the way to stuff that is THEIR thing - like school, lacrosse games, and hanging out with friends.

    I think of it this way: Who washes a rental car? Nobody.

  4. uh oh... (i love the dog peeking over the edge of the counter)

  5. Valentine in the background is slaying me.



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