Saturday, February 18, 2012

How I respond when people tell me it must be romantic being married to a Chef, and why I sort of believe in karma

A typical Saturday involves the careful calibration of two very sporty boys' sports schedules. Right now, we're in the middle of the BIG CROSSOVER -- when pre-season baseball begins and lacrosse is still going on. The Husband, The Chef, is NEVER around on Saturdays. In fact, he's never around on any day, bless his heart, (although I am grateful for how hard he works for our family).

I literally had to map out my day last night. I challenge you to figure out the glitches and report back. As for karma, remember that I had absolutely no interest in any sports at any period of my life (well, maybe for Tar Heel basketball) and I have not one but two boys who love them, all of them.

Start Destination: HOME (mid-Wilshire area)
Driver/Chauffeur: Myself

Here I am, waiting for the boys to get in the car

Destination #1: Cheviot Hills (west Los Angeles), 25 minutes away on surface streets
Event: Pre-baseball season baseball game
Time: 11:00 am
Time to be there as per coach: 10:15 am
Child involved: Henry (Oliver will have to come along because of Destination 3, see below)
Who Watches: Myself and Oliver

Destination #2: Mar Vista (even further west LA)
Event: Final Lacrosse Game (unless they win and then there's more next week)
Time: 1:00 pm
Time to be there as per coach: 12:15 pm
Child involved: Henry (will have to leave baseball game early and change from baseball uniform to lacrosse uniform in car. Oliver is still in tow)
Who watches: Myself and Oliver, until we have to leave for Destination 3 which is also Destination 1

Destination #3 (or #1): Back to Cheviot Hills 
Event: Final Lacrosse Game (unless they win, and then there's more next week)
Time: 3:00 pm
Time to be there as per coach: 2:15 pm
Child involved: Oliver (Henry will still be playing his lacrosse game at Mar Vista, above)
Who watches: Myself, until I have to leave for Destination 4

Destination #4 (or #2): Back to Mar Vista
Event: Lacrosse Game
Time: who knows?***
Child involved: Henry

***Currently trying to figure out whether Henry's game will finish in time for me to bring Oliver to his game. If not, will I have to leave Oliver's game and drive back to Mar Vista and then back to Cheviot? 

Such are the musings and machinations of a literary mind.


  1. Jesus. I need a nap now.
    Oh honey.

  2. Good lord, woman. I'd offer to help, You're on your own.
    I do this stuff enough, and I only have the ONE kid. You're a good woman.

  3. Ha!
    I know this. Well more knew, better now.
    Serious reliance on the other parents helped me survive.

  4. And then before you know it they are old enough to drive themselves - and then the real fun begins.

  5. Time to tap into the village! Surely there is another mama/dad who would not mind taking Oliver? Then you could do the Henry stuff, since it is more complicated?

  6. Oh, I remember shuffling kids around. Fortunately, my husband and I split the jobs, and split some other chores as well. It was fun. It was insane. Yet, that's how things are at this time in their lives.

  7. Sometimes I wonder what women 100 years ago would think of our lives. Those without access to a vehicle - maybe even without access to a horse and buggy!

    I wonder why people would think it is romantic to be married to a chef? They are on their feet all day, and work terribly long hours under stress. I would think all chefs return home exhausted, even after a GREAT day. Am I wrong? Whatever the husband does, the family doesn't necessarily get the best of that talent at home - you know the old saying about the cobbler's children going barefoot (or however that saying goes)? I rather assumed that held true for other skills, as well.
    We knew a jeweler whose wife had the MOST fabulous gems, and guess what? He would sell them right off of her neck, hands, etc., if a client admired them. And clients did admire them! So much for romanticizing other people's marriages & career perks. ;)

  8. This would make me not want to leave my bed. Ever.

  9. I used to think all this was possible--if only i could have a microwave or toaster oven in the car. Now I think I'd also need a bar. Good thing my kids are grown.

  10. This is a lot for you, but I understand why he isn't there. My son has been in a kitchen since he was 16 & he is 38. He was a sous chef for a well-known chef/restauranteur for several years and has spent his career in fine dining. He would not have been able to be much of a family man and he isn't. He's single. Except for his cat. You have a lot on your plate. No pun intended.

  11. I am so glad I'm sitting here reading this on a Sunday morning with my coffee in front of me. Why? Because this is my life, too (change 'lacrosse' for basketball' and 'baseball' for 'lacrosse'), and I'm glad to sit here on my ass NOT in my car until tomorrow.

    I have often wondered why someone hasn't yet figured out the art of teleportation, but then I realize that those of us who could benefit the most have too much to do to work it out and not enough money to pay for it if someone did invent it.

  12. My eyes glazed over. I just cannot imagine...You are a big-hearted and generous woman, Elizabeth.

  13. haha! I sometimes wonder how I've come a taxi driver for my kids. "Chauffeur" is much more romantic :)

  14. Here's my secret. I don't watch most of the games. Sorry nope. I make my support clear. Uniforms bought cleaned ready. Driving done. Meals at odd times. Check. But one game a month. That's all I will watch. I'm tellin ya. It's like the most freeing thing ever.



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