Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blue Saturday

My parents left today after four days in Los Angeles. I always feel blue and melancholy when they go. They live far away and when I dropped them off at the airport, Oliver waved out the window, weeping. I'm amazed that despite the distance and the lack of contact, my boys appear to adore my parents. I imagine the bond between them is just something ineffable, constructed of unconditional love, blood and air. Sophie loves them, too, I think.

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I feel like it's Sunday instead of Saturday, heavy under the weight of their absence, guilty that I'm not enough for them in many ways and thankful that they made me who I am in others.


  1. sweet photo.
    glad you had family in town, thought it is always hard to say good bye.

  2. "though it is hard"..THOUGH,not THOUGHT...sorry. Just had to correct myself there.

  3. What an incredible photograph, and a lovely post. I am truly touched.

  4. it's the magic of grandparents, right? my little guys aren't even two yet and they toddle around asking about grammy and papa. my parents were here in october and I wept when they left-that NEVER happened before I had children. thanks for this lovely post.



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