Monday, November 3, 2008


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Almost all the people I know who are voting for Obama are incredibly nervous today, waiting for tomorrow. And all of them don't want to "jinx" it. I feel a little like that but far less so than I did four years ago. I don't even have butterflies in my stomach tonight. I'm not sure why and hesitate to say that I feel Obama is going to win -- I don't want to jinx it.

But, there, I've said it. I'm anticipating a Wednesday morning where I'll be able to tell my sons and my daughter and my non-citizen husband that, yes, we live in a wonderful country where things like this can happen. The world is lighter today.

I positively imagine a more ebullient world and while I know this is partly fantasy, I'm not sure why it can't really be so. Even for a moment. What if the economy is failing in a way that it'll never come back to where it was? What if our way of life is going to change irrevocably? When I meditate I am filled with a vision of a world that demands these things -- I'm not sure the planet will survive otherwise. I also am a firm believer in the things never change philosophy -- in fact, I wrote a whole post about Ecclesiastes and All is Vanity. If there's anything that I need to do it's figuring out some sort of balance between "there's nothing new under the sun" and "the world is evolving into the Aquarian Age."

But all this is rambling and perhaps my own way of dissolving butterflies. I actually really don't want to even think about the prospect of the election going the other way. Now THAT would be a jinx.


  1. I am so nervous and jittery right now that I can hardly stand it. I have felt an odd self-consciousness about my hope and my optimism about Obama. The cynics who have been mocking Obama supporters have sort of sucked the joy from the idealism many of us feel. I am all at once more hopeful and excited for America than I've ever been and yet terrified that it will slip from our grasp.

  2. I have felt unusually calm and dare I say optimistic.
    My kid's school voted today and Barack Obama won.
    From their lips to Gods ears

  3. I was afraid of jinxing myself. Before I started blogging, I wrote an e-mail about attending a Kerry rally in Philadelphia and comparing it with the McGovern rally. Now that Barack has won, I can relax. And right now (1137p CST), he's winning in Indiana



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