Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cynicism RIP

I sat on the couch for hours tonight at my best friend's house, watching the election returns. I sat next to Michael and Sophie who remained calm and preternaturally present despite all the hooting and hollering.

My God, isn't it great?

I remember holding Oliver in my arms on the day after 9/11 at a yoga class where we danced around to the tune of "Everything is Gonna Be All Right," and I didn't feel it then. At all. I was afraid. Afraid of what was in store for us, for my children. And as the years unfolded and we went to war and then watched as our leaders betrayed us again and again, I sort of retreated into a cynical haze. Hurricanes, global warming, tsunamis, Abu Ghraib, and then another shattering election. I remember thinking, Henry will be TEN before we have a new president! and that was depressing on so many levels.

Who knew "ten" would come round so fast, so far and so fabulously?


  1. We just kept looking at each other, as if we couldn't believe that what was right in front of us had really happened. It really happened. I am afraid to sleep tonight. The world is already a better place and I feel so much...ok and I've been drinking champagne too :)

  2. Incredible. I think I cried all night.



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