Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Perks of Blogging and Living in Hollywood ***

So, if you blog regularly you might get some pretty weird marketing emails in your inbox. Evidently, many people live off of their blogs or at least collect tidy sums from them. In the early days, I responded to a few and got some pretty beautiful Le Creuset pots and pans in the most amazing turquoise. That was worth reviewing weird products like sweat wipes for your adolescent and inserting links to barstool companies. I used to put ads on my blog, too, through the nightmarish mom's blog metropolis, but let's face it -- they're obnoxious and made me feel ashamed to participate in the grosser elements of our culture. Let's not even talk about the phrase mommy blogger. My blog is named after a line in a Yeats' poem, for goodness sake, and I slapped that name on it over six years ago because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. It couldn't be any more ponderous or even, arguably, pretentious, but c'est la vie for a moon, worn as if it had been a shell. I removed all ads from my blog a long time ago, and I just like it so much better. All me, all the time -- like Faye up there, after her big win. I sure didn't think that I'd attract some of the things I happen to attract now. Today, I received -- for the second time -- an appeal that I think you might enjoy.

My name is XXXXXX, and I am a producer for a major network here in Los Angeles.  I saw that you ran the popular Elizabeth Aquino blog and I wanted to see if you or any of your friends would like to be a part of our new TV series. Please see the verbiage below:


Are you and your family terrified of going to the doctor?
Are you afraid of what you’ll uncover?
Are you hiding symptoms from each other… and even yourself?

A MAJOR BROADCAST NETWORK and TWOFOUR AMERICA are now casting families for a radical experiment! This new and exciting show will help change your life and uncover all the things that might be lurking under the surface … ultimately improving your health, happiness, and your life forever - not just for yourself, but for the whole family.

We are looking for families in the greater Los Angeles area who are ready to undergo this transformative experience and face their doctor fears once and for all.

Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome, but families must include children and/or teens.

Good lord, ya'll. Should I respond? Maybe I'll do so in another post.

Elizabeth, of the popular Elizabeth Aquino blog

*** In case you don't understand this post or are visiting for the first time, think of the word irony.


  1. Oh, Lawdy, you could rock their world! x0 N2

  2. Yes, very ironic. It would be awesome if you got a wider platform to discuss your doctor fears though.

  3. I would be too terrified. To go to the doctor.

  4. All I get are scary stalkers who want to love me TO DEATH. sheesh

  5. Hahaha. Wow. I knew you before you were famous.

  6. This is fecking hilarious. But they could change your life FOREVER. Jus think of it!!

    XXX Beth

  7. I have never watched any reality show but if you accept the offer to participate, I'll tune in weekly!


  8. The question is, will they do your insurance paperwork for you? In that case it might be worth it!

  9. Holy crap. That is just too much! Steve has a point - maybe you could negotiate for a personal assistant to help with the insurance paperwork.

  10. Very funny. I too have a blog and website and I have also been amazed at some of the offers I get - no offers for a reality show though - maybe it is because I live in Minnesota and the are afraid of the winters here.

  11. Oh yes, you would rock their worlds!



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