Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Three-Line Movie Review

Saint Vincent

The only reason I'd even mention the movie Gone Girl here is not because I went to see the movie (and I won't because I hated, really hated the book), but because I want to prove that I'm not some kind of reactionary or pretentious contrarian. I really can't get enough of Bill Murray and realize that you probably can't, nor can you or you or you. Bill Murray in Saint Vincent is Saint Vincent, the supporting cast, brilliant little planets to his sun, and me (and you and you and you) bathed in light for having watched the show.

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  1. Best three-line movie review ever. I cannot wait to see it. (Yes, I am You.)

  2. I too HATED Gone Girl. What a bitch.

  3. I can't figure out why anyone who read the novel would bother with the film, anyway. Did the ending get rewritten or something? It was such a disappointing book. Ugh.

  4. Apropos of almost nothing, my then young son was taken to visit the set of GHOSTBUSTERS 2 and met Bill Murray who teased and joked with him during the filming. It remains a peak day, of which he never speaks because the thinks people wouldn't believe him. How DO we pick a favorite role? So glad we still get to have out battered heroes. xo

  5. Well I did like Gone Girl the book and I did go to the movie and thought it was adapted quite well. If you hate hate hated the book for sure you'd hate hate hate the movie. Saw the St Vincent preview and can't wait to see what looks to be a great film. Love Bill Murray as well. I definitely feel I don't share the "sophisticated" literary taste of many other bloggers who comment here and elsewhere. In the past I might have felt diminished, "less than", not as intelligent. Now---COULD. NOT. CARE. LESS. So many other things so much more important as I know you know all too well.

  6. I bought the book Gone Girl, and I couldn't read it and threw it out. What a waste of money! It annoyed me and bored me. Thank you for bringing to my attention this wonderful movie! I had no idea it was out there, and I will def. see it! :)

  7. I've never even heard of this one. Guess it hasn't made it to England yet! That picture brings back nightmares about having to mow the lawn as a teenager, though. :)

    I liked "Gone Girl," the book. It had its flaws but it kept me turning the pages. I haven't seen the movie and having just read it I'm not all that interested.



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