Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Comedic Break

My friend Shannon gave me this card for my birthday back in August, but as Thanksgiving approaches, I thought I'd share it here. Partly because it's a break from the stress around these parts (The Husband's entire chef's tool kit with old German and Swiss tools and knives that he's owned for over twenty-five years, was stolen from his car the other night when someone threw a rock in the back window, shattering glass all the way up to the front seat) and partly because family get-togethers always seem to highlight the angst of family as well as the love, and I know some of you out there are going to be looking for the humor in the day, right?

My own dear parents are in town to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I'm grateful to have them here. I'm not sure they'd necessarily be on this tree, though, so don't think I'm dissin' them by putting it up there.

It's really just to make me laugh.

 Actually, I look at myself on that tree as either Hard or Lard Ass.


  1. No, baby. You are KICK ASS!
    The people who stole your husband's knives will burn in hell.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. yes, ms. moon and i would recognize your KICK ASS anywhere!
    very very bad news on the husband's tools...
    amazing there are still people out there who do not realize we are all in this together.

    off to the potatoes... i will make yours sweet with a healthy serving of humor.

  3. THEY STOLE HIS CHEF'S TOOLS??? Disgusting. Really. And there's nothing lard about you. You're a boot camp survivor, for heaven's sake!

  4. I'd dub you Kick Ass and Wise Ass. I know how comfortable my few kitchen tools feel in my hand so can imagine what your husband must be feeling. Maybe they'll turn up in a pawn shop dedicated to cooking enthusiasts? Hope so!

    Enjoy the family and the food.


  5. I am lard ass for sure:) It is very funny, thanks for putting it up. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Jen

  6. How appropriate that Hard Ass is also bald.


  7. Oh...and that sucks about the tools...I think robbery blows as much as any other crime. You still feel violated.

  8. I'd like to imagine I'd be all bad ass and run around the street with the rock looking for the sorry ass who stool the tools.
    No doubt I would have stood there blubbering.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Hope you get calm and love in abundance.

  9. Indeed, you are KICK ASS. Thanks for the laugh!

    Very sorry to hear about your husband's tools. That is lousy.

  10. Great tree! Very funny. Sorry to hear about the stolen knives.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. He who steals a Chef's tools may be hungry for a thousand years. Amen.

    Barry suggested to check your local Craig's list and the pawn shops. Although I suspect the petty thief may have discarded some of the knives around the area.
    Being found with a weapon even for a petty thief may represent a greater problem than what they bargained for by stealing.

    There will something for Sophie this evening on my blog. Show it to her, she will understand.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you! This is a funny card. No one has a perfect family, do they?

  14. Love your turkey picture! You've had way too much to deal with. I'm so sorry about your husband's tools! I hope the ____'s who stole them cut their fingers off, or better yet, their dicks.

    Great cartoon, thanks for sharing.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is happy.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving.

    I'd be a hard ass and a dumb ass and a smart ass. Maybe I should stop now:)

  16. you are definately Hard Ass over Lard ass... or Kick ass as the other commenters suggested. im sorry about the car break in... that is such a horrible, unfair, violating thing. i hope it doesnt cast a shadow over all your "thankfulness" for the season. I am thankful for you and your blog :)
    happy turkey day!!! eat, drink, and be merry :)

  17. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  18. I'm stealing this and sending it to my family. LOVE IT

    Also I watched this clip from the West Wing today because someone put it on facebook. Show it to your husband. Knives are nothing to be trifled with.

    Hope your holiday is smooth and seizure free.

  19. I'm wise ass. And fyi although I think just about everything in this life is funny ain't nothing humorous about heirloom chef knives being stolen. I am so sorry for the loss. And you have to ask yourself...once again...what the hell is wrong with people? You want me to save you a few poop diapers and you could put them in one of those mini safe boxes in the back seat before you get your window repaired?



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