Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Election Emily

When I feel slightly depressed about the State of Things (right now***) or even overwhelmingly so (not now), I want to run to the hills with some poetry.

Here you go.

A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!
Your prayers, oh Passer by!
From such a common ball as this
Might date a Victory!
From marshallings as simple
The flags of nations swang.
Steady -- my soul: What issues
Upon thine arrow hang!

c. 1858
Emily Dickinson

*** John Boehner. Really? I'm grateful to be living in California, though.


  1. I am happy with our state's outcome, but as a whole, very disheartened.


  2. I liked what Bill Clinton said (paraphrasing here): When people say Obama didn't get us out of the hole, I tell them, "Well, it's a very big hole."

    It is depressing. Back to gridlock.

    Just as bad, I live in a state where citizens re-elected a governor(for the THIRD TIME)who is a former Texas A&M cheerleader; and whose most outstanding attribute is his hair.

    I hate what that says about the citizens. We desperately need to teach critical thinking skills in school. People obviously aren't getting them at home.

  3. 1994, 1994--I keep repeating that and hoping for a repeat--1994.


  4. Elizabeth can you email me so I have your email address? I'm at


  5. I'm overjoyed that we, the American people, have spoken through our votes. God bless America!!!

  6. Marion- I'm struck by how you manage to write something, always, that's controversial and then the quick "blessings" -- I take it you're from the south. As for God blessing us, I disagree.

    Ms. Moon -- I'm sorry about Florida. Ugh.

    Kathleen: Americans are just so damn quixotic and fickle, no?

  7. Eizabeth ,
    the poem and photo are a wonderful response I think.
    There has to be hope always. The beauty seeking even in the reality of what is coming down.
    I watched Dancing Under the Gallows this morning , a story about a woman, a Holocaust survivor, who found and shared joy through playing the piano while she was in prison.

    sometimes perspective can help.
    but you know that.

  8. Yes, I'm from the South and proud of it. Are you from the Left Coast?? We're taught to have manners here in the backwards South, even if we disagree with someone. Hell, we even use knives and forks.

    I'll save my "Blessings" for others.

  9. I just have to keep reminding myself that change happens slowly and, while in some cases it can be catastrophic, in most cases it happens in increments. As long as I can do my best to spread hope and love and compassion and teach my children to do the same, perhaps some of those increments will decrease all the more.

    If not, then we need to figure out how to get more people to vote.

  10. Marion -- Oh, please. I'm from the south and so are more than half of my dearest friends and family. I've always found it hilarious how many southerners, in the guise of politeness, offer up the most cutting remarks that are quickly followed by a "bless her heart" or "God Bless him."

    And I'd always appreciate authentic blessings and appreciate any you've sent my way. I'm sorry that you're so personally offended.



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