Friday, November 26, 2010

The Incredible Mr. Aquino

Yesterday, my father, nearly aged 75 did the following tasks:

1. Repaired the screen door that Sat Nam, the crazy dog we "adopted" for one week tore up that infamous day. If you need a reminder, read here.

2. Fixed and made more convenient several electrical outlets in our house

3. Went to nursery, bought an 8' X 4' raised garden bed and installed it with Oliver in our backyard, complete with lettuces, herbs, Swiss chard and strawberry plants.

4. Climbed on roof of guest cottage and re-tarred areas that were causing leaks inside.

How awesome is that?

Here are some random pictures from our day:

The Husband was working but made us EVERYTHING beforehand.

The two Mr. Aquinos (Michele, my father, and his twin brother, Anthony)

Mom and Dad


  1. Quite a handsome family you've got there...

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your holiday. The table looks so cozy and inviting. The food looks delicious--how lovely to have your own private chef! And I loved "meeting" your family.

    Hope you are enjoying leftovers today. I'm sure looking forward to a turkey sandwich!


  3. Your dad could be "Mr. Incredible!" .... And The Husband too .... Super heroes ;) ..... Hoping for you to have some Time with Your Chef - I know it's a crazy season

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  5. I cut my hand yesterday with a crystal candleholder, don't ask, and typing is an adventure, but I wanted to ask if I could adopt your Father - and your Mother too.

    Political differences aside, they both look like one could love them to pieces. Beside, anyone who goes out into the desert on a camel is my kind of people.

  6. Could you please send your dad down here? I have a few chores he could attend to.
    What a beautiful family!
    Thanks for sharing, sweet Elizabeth.

  7. I would echo Ms Moon- can I borrow your dad?!!! What a guy!!! Your table is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Elizabeth, with those books behind it and that lovely thick wood and the, I want to come! Happy Days, sweet lady.

  8. everything is inviting,
    the setting , the people,
    your heart.

  9. What a gorgeous family! Now I see the resemblances so clearly. It looks like a feast made with such abundant love by your dear Husband. I wish he could have been with you, but I can tell that his spirit and talents nourished all of you.
    God bless you. xoxoxo

  10. Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Take care.

  11. Your dad did all of that in ONE day? That's incredible really, and so wonderful. I loved seeing pics of your family!

  12. oh wow, your father is a SUPERHERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're husband's not bad either, that dinner looks amazing.

  13. Your family is beautiful. I enjoyed this :) At your dad's age, I'm sure he loves being important and helping out. The garden is very nice, and I'm a little jealous (I live in Wisconsin--There's no way we could plant anything right now!)

  14. Totally jealous. Always wanted a father like that. Glad you have him!

  15. Beautiful family! Makes me miss my own father desperately, though he never could have tarred a roof or moved electrical outlets--and gardening? Forget it. But it makes me miss him all the same. xxk



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