Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving #17

Today I'm thankful for the words of the Buddha:

Looking after oneself, one looks after others.

Looking after others, one looks after oneself.
How does one look after others by looking after oneself?
By practicing mindfulness, developing it, and making it grow.
How does one look after oneself by looking after others?
By patience, non-harming, lovingkindness, and caring.
-The Buddha (Samyutta Nikaya 47.19)


  1. Boy. Do I need those words. Like- tattooed on my brains.
    Thanks, sweetie.

  2. I think I'll copy these words to keep here and there, so as to bump into them repeatedly.

  3. I am very thankful for the words of the Buddha too.

    And I am thankful for your blog.

  4. It seems simple,
    but in the day to day of it , not always so much.

    thank you

  5. How lucky I am to have stumbled across your site - I too, have epilepsy, and I know the horrors of grand mal seizures (tonic clonic), but fortunately I've found a recipe of drugs that seems to work. It saddens me to hear of your daughter, and I would hope that some day you'll find something (knock on wood) that works for her. A saying I learned many years ago and have followed all my life:
    Someone once said that it couldn't be done, but I laughed and said with a shout, that whatever this thing I would be one, to give it a good healthy bout.
    So I rolled up my sleeves and spit on my palms, and in a second or two I'd begun it. And I started to sing as I tackled this thing, that could not be done and I done it! (anonymous)
    Good luck!



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