Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving #10

The above photo is of Vulcana, taken in the early 1900s. Vulcana was the stage name for Kate Roberts, a Welsh strongwoman of Irish parents who toured music halls throughout Europe and Great Britain with strongman William Hedley Roberts, better known as Atlas.

What relevance is that to my intention to be grateful for something every single day during November?

I am thankful today for my upper body strength,*** which keeps me from being a total loser in the fitness regime that I am currently undertaking.

***The upper body strength I do possess is, apparently, partly due to having to lift and carry and care for a fifteen year old with special needs and also to genetic inheritance (my grandmother and both parents are both quite strong). I'm grateful for both!


  1. Yes. Although my knees may complain, I can easily hoist my grandson to my hip and carry him about so that he can see the world from there.
    I am SO grateful for that strength. Thank-you for these reminders, Elizabeth.

  2. i join in your thanksgiving....and pause to add mine.
    dear elizabeth
    i am eternally grateful for your strength of heart, mind and vision.
    you are a strong inspiration to me daily.

  3. I was not blessed with upper strength, unfortunately. I've had to work for it... HARD. But I am pleased to report that I can now hoist my 15 year old daughter around as well. Thank you Kettle Bells

  4. I love these old photos that you find!

  5. grateful you took the time to share...
    and yes, sometimes we come into something for the reasons we wouldn't have planned or chosen, but then...

    My step father always made the whole lot of us kids do and help with endless chores. I took shop rather than home ec. I think my upper body is wimpy looking but stronger than people expect. It comes in handy draining vats of pasta etc.



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