Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving #13

I'm thankful, today, for the wind in the palms and flowers in my garden despite absolutely no effort on my part.


  1. I am thankful for the same, here.
    Yes. And the ones in Kathleen's yard, too.

  2. smiling. I think this is my favorite thing about flowers in my yard, too. especially if they survive the Labrador.

    I am still giggling about your confession: coveting your neighbor's ipad. and the priest.

    ha ha. me too.

  3. Crazy winds here ,uh?

    Loving all your "thankfulness".Your tulips and you day that was finally over and everything in between.

    Wanting an ipad here too.Something tells me that Santa won't be bringing it.I perhaps will resort to the stealing.

  4. Oh, the blessings of a sunny, southern climate!

  5. I am thankful to see your flowers and the palms and hear of warm winds. I have 10 inches of snow! Let's trade.

    BTW, although I have a Mac, I am barely aware of what an iPad is and now there is something else, Mac Air? I think I am glad to be old (ish). : )

    Oh dear. The word verification is 'exessess'. I am not kidding.

  6. What is that top plant? I think I grew it at one time...Mexican....Mexican what? The one with the yellow flowers...

  7. Anything that does not require effort on my part, has my gratitude!



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